Retail stores start to serve customers indoors as New York City enters phase 2 of reopening. A woman doing window shopping at Zara women designer clothing store with huge Welcome Back sign on 1st day of reopening. Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that New York City is on track for Phase 2 after data shows numbers of new infections and hospitalization is down.NYC restaurants, retail stores on Phase 2 reopen, New York, United States - 22 Jun 2020

Salesfloor is now offering a “post-COVID-19” product bundle aimed to help retailers better serve shoppers by offering “in-store experiences” online. The company describes the mobile app platform as a way to bridge the gap to online shopping via “live voice and video chat, text messaging and new appointment/event management” features.

Oscar Sachs, chief executive officer at Salesfloor, said as retailers “begin to reopen their stores, there is a heightened need for solutions that bridge the gap in how associates serve and sell to online customers. This bundle addresses our customers’ needs and helps them navigate the post-COVID-19 world where an increasing number of consumers prefer to shop online.”

The bundle’s live voice and video chat involve shoppers initiating a live voice or video chat “through Salesfloor Connect on the retailer’s e-commerce site, where they already have the option to connect with a local store associate via live chat, e-mail, SMS and appointment request,” the company said in a statement.

The appointment management function allows store associates to create and then manage appointments — sending the invite to shoppers through “any digital channel,” Salesfloor said, adding that appointments can be made in-store or over the phone as well as live chat or video chat.

“This helps manage store traffic amidst safety regulations that require reduced store hours and a maximum number of customers in-store at once,” the company noted. “Customers can also visit the retailer’s web site to request an appointment.”

With the event management feature, store associates can create virtual or in-store events — inviting customers through various digital channels.

Salesfloor said since the onset of the pandemic, brands and retailers who use the company’s platform “have seen significant increases in online customer engagement, such as a jump of 310 percent in digital interactions through live chat, e-mail, and text messaging.”

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