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With heightened sensitivity to the power of e-commerce, large retailers are joining Salesfloor, a platform that enables retailers to connect online customers with local sales associates for a personalized shopping experience. Successful users of Salesfloor feature 12 percent increases of customer rates and a 10-times uptick in conversion rates. The online service expects to double its size of its nationwide programming just this month alone, and its entire revenue by the end of the year.

And it’s no wonder. Online shoppers continue to dominate revenue streams spurring a call for concierge-inspired services that were once solely extended in store. Large retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Macy’s are keying into their customers’ shopping needs: each are in talks with Salesfloor regarding potential partnerships. Early-comers to the service include Toys “R” Us, Saks Fifth Avenue and Harry Rosen.

Given the success rates, White Star Capital is advancing an even larger growth opportunity with a series A investment. White Star will lead the pursuit of Salesfloor’s international expansion of its first-of-its-kind retail platform.

The service provides sales associates functionality to connect with shoppers directly through their personal mobile devices and social media networks — a gap that’s formerly existed in the e-commerce market. Offering guided assistance in item selection, stock levels, and expertise in specialty fields, customers are able to hold live conversations with associates. Meeting the demand of online consumers, Salesfloor contributes a human touch to the e-commerce shopping experience.

Salesfloor Storefront extends omnichannel functionality for sales associates to personalize an independent homepage of the retailer’s e-commerce site with expert advice, edited item selections, and live shopping services. Individual stores have the capability to customize the retailer’s e-commerce site empowering associates to act as small businesses. Salespeople manage their site; implement marketing strategies, and field live customer inquiries via its mobile app and web site.

What’s more, retailers are able to broaden their reach to potential consumers without the traditional investment of real estate and infrastructures. Salesfloor allows retailers to maximize on their in-house experts in omnichannel messaging for large returns and savings.

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