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Salesforce Commerce Cloud has announced the addition of three new features to its platform: Einstein Search Dictionaries, Einstein Search Recommendations, and Keyword search sorting rules.

The updates aim to resolve disparities encountered by shoppers who currently have obstacles searching for items under various terminology. For example, British consumers searching on a U.S. shopping web site may look for “jumpers” that surfaces inaccurate or zero results, though the brand has an extensive sweater collection. According to Salesforce’s Shopping Index, nine percent of shoppers on shopping web sites powered by the commerce cloud are driving 25 percent of overall sales.

Einstein search dictionaries analyzes all site searches and provides terms that are being researched, yet are not included in a retailer’s keyword repertoire. Admonishing the need for e-commerce teams to mine exhaustive spreadsheets, the software then suggests alternatives to add to the list to prompt a wider range of results. Both retailers and consumers stand to benefit from the update — shoppers will be able to discover — and purchase — items without frustrating investigations, and revenue will be increased, too.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, or AI, Einstein Search Recommendations suggest search results for shoppers — both known and unknown. The system’s AI learns more about the shopper’s behavior with every click, while the commerce cloud collects pertinent data to support one-to-one recommendations allowing for speedy product discovery.

Merchandisers will gain granular control over product search result appearances through the keyword search sorting option. Specific terms can be optimized under the advancement — merchandisers have the ability to showcase specific items and assign specific terms to drive results outside of default settings.

As more consumers research products on mobile devices, extending quick, accurate results that are cross-border friendly will rise in importance. Offering personalized, intuitive recommendations will bolster brand loyalty and facilitate higher purchase rates.

Salesforce Einstein Dictionaries, Keyword Search Sorting Rules, Einstein Search Recommendations beta versions will be available beginning in the first quarter of 2018.

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