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Turn that frown upside down. No, really — in the near future, SAP customers will have the ability to analyze expressions to inform marketing strategies.

Consumers expect premium customer service at every price point — SAP has dedicated itself to strategic and purposeful advancements to respond to these growing demands. Detailed in the company’s “2017 SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Report,” 89 percent of consumers want a brand to respond to an inquiry within 24 hours. The survey polled 20,000 global consumers to secure its conclusions about how to keep shoppers happy: mainly, deliver a quick reply. In order to do that, brands and retailers are pushed to collect relevant data to inform strategies to maintain shopper approval — and patronage.

To support its customers in this venture, the solutions-provider has released updated software and innovations during its SAP Hybris summit in Barcelona. The SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Hybris Customer Attribution functions now include features such as machine-learning facial recognition, WeChat Integration and IoT-triggered campaigns.

Within the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud suite, c-level marketers will have access to reports tracking the success of various initiatives and perceive any problems before they occur due to elevated transparency, while also showcasing opportunities. Within its SAP Leonardo services, companies have the ability to deploy facial-recognition tools within brick-and-mortars. “Using facial analysis, the software connects shoppers’ genders and ages to a company or store’s available inventory and stock, enabling personalized product recommendations presented on large displays,” said a company spokesman.

Under its SAP Hybris Customer Attribution umbrella, users are able to access measurements of campaigns and data collected during the shopper journey to shed insight into driving factors of purchase conversions. In answer to shopper preferences for all things personalized, marketers have the ability to launch IoT-triggered campaigns to extend customized offers. Brands looking to enter the China market will benefit from SAP’s WeChat integration services.

As consumer expectations become more refined, brands and retailers are charged with releasing data-informed campaigns and services that deliver premium, intuitive features. To devise said strategies, the use of advanced analytics tools will aid in mapping the most effective path to maintaining shopper loyalty while attracting prospective consumers, too.

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