At the World Economic Forum’s meeting in Davos, Switzerland, technology company SAP announced it would join Gucci, The RealReal and The Lavazza Group in Gucci’s CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge.

Back in September, Gucci’s president and chief executive officer, Marco Bizzarri announced the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge — an open invite to ceo’s across industries.

Luxury consignment company The RealReal immediately signed on, with the company’s ceo Julie Wainwright calling Bizzarri’s challenge an inspiration to “respond with greater urgency and turn up the dial on the commitment we made with UN Climate Change’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action [UNFCCC],” as previously reported in WWD.

At Davos, SAP’s co-ceo and executive board member Jennifer Morgan appears with a smartly suited Bizzarri, both smiling for a picture. The luxury brand bounced the photo across its social media platforms with much enthusiasm.

“As businesses, we must all own up to the total GHG emissions our activities generate and, at the same time, invest in nature-based solutions to protect our world’s critical forests and biodiversity, simultaneously helping to mitigate climate change,” said Bizzarri, in a press statement.

It’s a big hook as far as climate commitments go, to which Gucci’s parent company Kering is no stranger, having spearheaded the Fashion Pact’s development to over 250 brands — as the technology and innovation company sees 77 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touch an SAP system.

Tech support is vital to help the fashion industry transition to a low-carbon economy, and SAP’s commitment to join the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge is just one action to create more alignment within the fashion industry, as the company had already set ambitions high. In 2009, it set forth a goal to reduce its GHG emissions back to 2000 levels by the year 2020; achieving that goal two years early.

The company was also a member of the Science Based Targets Initiative since 2017, a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and a member of various associations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

“Marco Bizzarri’s CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge is complementary to our own commitment to helping businesses use innovative technology to achieve their most ambitious climate goals so they can take responsible actions and make a positive difference,” reiterated Morgan.

SAP is already helping companies track carbon emissions from their upstream supply chains to downstream logistics and is devoting thought to the transition to new sustainable business models. One such partnership is with digital identities solution EON, which is in a pilot phase this year, to launch with brands in the luxury and fast-fashion spaces including H&M.

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