Shay Mitchell appears in the latest video series supporting female entrepreneurship from Shopify.

Shopify has rolled out “Beauty Mark,” a video series spotlighting female entrepreneurs and challenging the perception of beauty standards worldwide.

More than 10 million businesses in the U.S. are women-owned – surging 44 percent since 2007 – and e-commerce is powering their success. But online commerce also requires marketing content and sharing narratives, which is the impetus behind Beauty Mark.

In a separate short, “Unpacking Business With Shay Mitchell,” the actress and entrepreneur explores the building of her travel accessory brand, Béis. In the eight-plus-minute video, Mitchell visits three founders who have “blazed their own trails” including The Way We Wore, Melody Ehsani and Wildflora.

The videos also open a dialogue on gaining guidance and support for the next generation of women entrepreneurs. “Women, and especially ethnic women, are so underrepresented in the entrepreneurial space that it’s been somewhat intimidating” and that the goal of the series is to hopefully “redefine what entrepreneurship looks like and who can participate,” according to Mitchell.

Attempting to promote a more diverse narrative, Shopify said the initiative serves to put a “special focus on women business owners who are paving new roads, bringing more voices to entrepreneurship, and pushing their industries forward.”

The trend toward fostering the growth of entrepreneurs was recently seen in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s launch of CO, a platform dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in growing their business.

A majority of female entrepreneurs who become millionaires are self-made, at 85 percent. While the debates in recent headlines over whether Kylie Jenner is actually the youngest “self-made” billionaire, the inherent reality is that women-led businesses not only exist — they thrive.

The initiative from Shopify reveals greater inclusion on the definition of success.

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