DroppTV, a shoppable video platform that connects creators with consumers through content, has launched the Dollar Snkr Club and its first sneaker raffle with Urban Necessities.

Shoppers paid $1 to enter the raffle on the DroppTV web site for a chance to win a pair Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Glows sneakers. As many as three winners will be chosen and 50 runners-up will receive Crep Protect sneaker shoe and stain protection products. All participants will receive a 10 percent coupon code for any Crep Protect they purchase.

“We couldn’t be happier with the success of our first Dollar Snkr raffle. The response was so overwhelming, the initial traffic crashed our servers,” said DroppTV chief executive officer Gurps Rai. The raffle helped introduce users to DroppTV and more than doubled its Instagram following from 10,000 to 22,000.

“Our tech team was able to quickly remedy the problem and we ended up having participants from every single state represented in the raffle. Due to the overwhelming response, we have decided to give away three Yeezys instead of one.”

The Dollar Snkr Club is the latest venture for the platform Rai founded and launched in 2019. Rai began developing DroppTV in 2018 after he invested in a TV show about sneaker trading and experienced difficulties selling the show.

“How could you make television shoppable?” Rai asked. “That has to be the next iteration of entertainment, content, shopping because the pictures are clearer, but where is the real interactivity?”

Through DroppTV, young creatives and brands can create and upload their content and make select products shoppable through an AI machine algorithm that recognizes products in media, tags them and makes them shoppable. One example is German retailer Snipes that produced a two-minute short starring rapper Meek Mill specifically for DroppTV. In the clip, Mill wears Snipes product that can be purchased in real time or is catalogued for the viewer to shop after the clip is over.

The platform charges the consumer an 8 percent transactional fee so the brands and content producers can receive the full purchase price.

“I come from the TV and production background and for years I’ve been hearing about this, they call it the Jennifer Aniston sweater problem,” said chief creative officer Robbie Chafitz. “You want to be able to touch the screen and [buy things].”

Snipes’ two-minute short with Meek Mill is an original piece of content made for DroppTV, and the platform partners with young creatives to do the same. The company charges a transactional fee from the consumer so that the creatives and the brands can receive all of what they sell.

DroppTV also has augmented capabilities through its Getz app. The platform partnered with ISPO and urban street artist WK Interact on a 60-foot mural that could be scanned on the Getz app to pull up a capsule collection of products.

“From our AR component, we can create pop-up shops and Easter eggs like Pokemon Go for e-commerce in a store,” Rai said. “We don’t have to bring product to our show anymore, we can do that as an upsell. It’s not a retail killer, it’s a retail enhancer.”

Rai believes DroppTV can help younger brands and companies that are not experienced at business to see a quick return on their investment. Products offered on Snipes’ video with Meek Mill sold out in 48 hours and local music acts have also experienced similar success. “It wasn’t a 48-hour sensation but they sold out, earned money to pay for the video, the [merchandise] and put money in their pocket,” said Rai.

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