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Snap Inc. doesn’t have a new way to support advertisers — it has four of them, the company revealed on Thursday.

First on the list of the ephemeral messaging and photo-sharing company’s latest updates are new Collection Ads, a made-for-commerce format that it’s been testing since June. A Collection Ad allows brands to feature product collections in a Snap Ad, so users can tap directly to the product details. Early partners include, eBay and Guess.

According to Snap’s figures, saw an engagement rate that’s 17 times higher than standard Snap Ads for the same products. For eBay and Guess, the rate was five and 4.1 times higher, respectively.

The feature will launch in October for all advertisers in Ads Manager, available through Snapchat’s self-serve buying tool.

Snap is also introducing Product Catalogues, Advanced Pixel Targeting and a new crop of agency partners.

The Product Catalogues update allows advertisers to import their existing product feeds the platform, so they can automate the process of creating ad campaigns. Essentially, it means retailers can take their files or spreadsheets containing product details — such as image, price, color — and flow them into Snapchat.

From there, the system can use templates to automatically create various Product Ads, including Story Ads, Snap Ads and the new Collections Ads. The goal is to speed up the time it takes to make ads, so companies can test and learn faster.

Advanced Pixel Targeting is just what the name suggests: Advertisers can customize their audiences even more using the Snap Pixel, an analytics tool used by companies to measure the results of ad campaigns. It involves placing a tiny bit of code in their e-commerce sites, and now it can capture more fine-tuned information, so advertisers can target audiences based on specific behaviors they see visitors take on their site — for example, when shoppers surf through particular product categories, like footwear or furniture, as opposed to a generic visit somewhere on the web site. The data can then be used to ensure the most relevant ads are reaching Snapchatters, based on their individual shopping preferences.

The social media company has also partnered with more than 40 Snap-certified agencies that can help advertisers with things like pre-campaign strategy and creative execution, so they can get better performance out of their ads.

It’s an interesting move, considering the lack of cohesive Facebook and Instagram support for ads remains a top-line complaint across numerous message boards, advice sites and other corners of the web. The program certifies the agencies — including MuteSix, Lightening AI and Mish Guru, among others — to help with e-commerce, direct response and data-driven advertising.

In addition to its growing feature set and options for strategic expertise, Snap is also offering more advertiser webinars, with more online training sessions on e-commerce marketing.

These updates won’t be limited by region, but will roll out globally, a company spokesman told WWD.

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