Snapchat Coach Snapcode accessories pins

On the heels of an app redesign and other changes, Snap Inc. launched another new offering on Wednesday — a set of scannable, physical pins featuring Snapcodes and brand-partner Coach’s holiday mascots.

The company’s own version of QR codes, Snapcodes allow users to conjure information or entertainment by scanning with a smartphone camera. Like regular Snapcodes, patrons can scan the pins to get access to specially created content. In this case, it’s an arcade game spun out of Coach’s holiday video campaign. The physical accessories themselves depict the handbag company’s Rexy, Uni and Sharky characters framed inside the Snapchat ghost.

The social company has long had a habit of blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. For instance, traditional Snapcodes are often printed on cards, posters or other window displays. Now they’re available in a limited-edition pin form and on offer through select Coach stores during the holidays or within the Snapchat app.

But picking one up isn’t a straight cash-and-carry affair. To earn eligibility, customers answer a short quiz in the store or within the app’s video Snap Ads. As another thank you for participating, the quiz unlocks new Snapchat filters for the holiday campaign. Customers who redeem the offer can also receive a select, customizable Coach accessory.

“Coach is an iconic brand, and we are so thrilled to partner with them on a program that turns Snapcodes into fashion accessories for the first time,” said Marni Schapiro, Snap Inc.’s director of retail. “The pins are all about creativity and individuality. They’re fun, playful and allow our community a way to Snap the virtual onto reality.”

For Coach, the partnership offers a straightforward way to boost its digital cred and appeal to a young, social media-driven consumer while also celebrating the season and keeping to its legacy as an established accessory brand. For Snap, the news helps keep the social company in the spotlight, particularly while attention is favorable.

After missing expectations for third-quarter earnings, the social company rallied a bit. Earlier this week, Snap stock experienced an uptick after Barclays praised the app’s redesign and new ad-pricing model. By Wednesday morning, the stock dipped 2.4 percent. But the social company is not done tinkering. It’s reportedly working on other updates, including a new version of Snapchat that reorganizes users’ friend lists by the time of day.