SMART CLOSET: Start-up app-maker Stuff N Style’s partnership with Shopify launches this week and lets users automatically add new purchases to their digital closets.

The deal with the Canada-based company, which provides an e-commerce platform to retailers, makes it easier to add items purchased from a merchant using Shopify. The deal helps broaden the potential user base for Stuff N Style, which provides style advice and also lets users buy pieces to add to their wardrobes. With access to Shopify retailers, items purchased through those merchants can more easily be added to the app’s closet so users can get free style advice on what outfits to create.

“There’s no work now so you can add all the clothes that you bought in your digital closet and we can make the ‘Clueless’ moment happen,” said Stuff N Style cofounder and chief executive officer Hanh Nguyen, referencing the point in the Nineties movie “Clueless” when lead character Cher Horowitz uses a computer program to select a perfect matched outfit.

Stuff N Style launched earlier this year following a year of beta testing. It currently has about 15,000 users and is adding new ones at a rate of 100 to 200 daily, according to Nguyen.

Stuff N Style currently has 10 partners, consisting of mostly designers and boutiques. Retailers and brands the company works with include Kamila Dmowska, The Kewl Shop and Clotho London.

“Now that we have the technology, we definitely want to replicate it and have it in as many stores as possible,” Nguyen said.

The app is one of a number of online resources that seeks to make online shopping more lifelike, with the addition of a social component. Nguyen likens Stuff N Style’s features as something akin to a shopping trip at Neiman Marcus where a stylist might help a customer or a shopper may bring along a friend for advice.

“There’s nothing like that online and that’s the gap that we’re trying to fill — making shopping online more social,” she said.

The app’s point of differentiation, Nguyen said, is the ease with which garments can be added to the closet. There are a few different ways this happens. Items can automatically be added upon purchase, an online receipt can be e-mailed to Stuff N Style or users can run a clothing search to find items they already own.

Nguyen got the idea for the app during her time at Rent the Runway. She had a hard time selecting her own outfits and realized she wasn’t the only one. The former Microsoft enterprise software developer decided to strike out on her own and leave New York City for San Francisco, where Stuff N Style was founded by herself and Hung Nguyen.

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