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Symphony Commerce has announced its partnership with Adobe Experience Manager — part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud — to offer its brand and retail clients a new, omnichannel commerce experience. As consumer behavior evolves at a dizzying rate, Symphony Commerce and Adobe said they are aiming to offer users faster commerce software to rival Amazon’s speedy delivery service accompanied with personalization functionality and virtual inventory allocation among other assets.

Harish Abbott, chief executive officer and cofounder of Symphony Commerce said of the new software, “Adobe is the leading player in personalization of all commerce experiences. Symphony and Adobe together allow every platform to be transactional. Adobe is the leading player in personalization of commerce experiences. Orders can be taken from any place [platform or device] seamlessly, combining the best of both worlds.”

That flexibility will suit retailers and brands well. As customers continue to diversify their product research and path-to-purchase methods, it’s imperative to provide transaction accessibility at every touch point. “Commerce is getting very distributed,” Abbott explained. “Eighty percent of shoppers in-store are checking their devices for shopping-related information. People are shopping through simultaneous experiences. They can be in-store, visiting a marketplace, a web site [at the same time]. Consumer behavior change has been phenomenally accelerated.”

Answering heightened customer expectations, the Adobe-powered personalization feature caters to each shopper. “We have more data today and the processing power to analyze said data to actually address the specific needs of people. The Adobe system will take a lot of behavioral, environmental, geographical and temporal data points for continuous monitoring to allow each experience to be optimized by the system,” Abbott said.

The integration of Symphony Commerce and Adobe will leverage big data and predictive intelligence to personalize shopping behaviors in real-time. “Commerce is evolving at a much faster pace than technology. We made a micro-service based software that evolves on a weekly basis opposed to a monthly or yearly basis,” Abbott added. “We need to move at the speed of commerce.”

“One way is to bring agility to break the entire way of the [existing] infrastructure into small services, and bring that into the cloud to be much faster,” Abbott said of the enterprise-first, API-first SaaS platform.

In its entirety, the software will create and manage omnichannel experiences to enable shoppers to buy through any channel. It is also designed to provide fast fulfillment, centralized order visibility and virtual inventory allocation across business channels.

Adobe said its Adobe Marketing Cloud enables companies to use big data to engage customers with personalized marketing content across various devices and digital platforms. With its connection with Adobe Creative Cloud, creative assets are easily activated across marketing channels.

Symphony Commerce hosts the “Commerce as a Service” platform that integrates its celebrated web store, inventory management and fulfillment capabilities. The CaaS platform automatically scales and expands to accommodate to unexpected rises in demand.

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