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Keep up or count your losses. Retailers and brands are turning to cloud-based solutions to answer shifting consumer demands, speedier delivery schedules and singular messaging across multiple platforms. And today, Tilly’s, a retailer offering apparel, footwear and accessories primarily inspired by the West Coast, tapped Aptos’ Singular Commerce Platform to align its in-store and online brand experiences.

“We conducted a very extensive evaluation of retail technology offerings and Aptos’ proven platform along with its strong reputation and customer satisfaction scores were very influential in our selection,” said Jon Kubo, chief digital officer of Tilly’s. “Leveraging Aptos’ end-to-end cloud-based retail technology suite, Tilly’s will gain a holistic and fully integrated set of capabilities to support our digital convergence initiatives today, and expand when we’re ready to leverage new solutions as our business grows and evolves.”

Targeting predominantly Millennial and Generation Z shoppers, the alignment comes in a time when streamlined, cohesive brand experiences promoting personalized touch points are necessary to respond to the demanding demographics. Tilly’s will use Aptos’ platform in order to identify and respond to the shifting expectations of its shoppers. The platform will provide a holistic perspective on its customers as it provides tools for consumer capture and analysis as well as segmentation and campaign management.

Tilly’s will also employ Aptos Sales Audit and Aptos Store for point-of-sale solutions to capture buying patterns and relay accurate insights for enhanced decision-making, reduced costs and simplified operations.

Inventory levels have been a puzzle for retailers — brands have been experimenting with different methodologies in order to keep a horse in the race as Amazon’s robotic-informed supply chain accelerates speed of fulfillment. Tilly’s will turn to Aptos Enterprise Order Management solution to manage product life cycles from initiation to fulfillment to returns, if necessary. The software will also facilitate the integration of Tilly’s brick-and-mortar locations and e-commerce sites.