Men's Sorbtek Denim. Photo courtesy of Twin Dragon Marketing

Twin Dragon, an Los Angeles-based textile company that specializes in premium denim, piece dye woven fabrics, denim washing and fashion trends, said that it invested in Sorbtek, a wicking performance fiber from Unifi. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Sorbtek will be integrated into its women’s and men’s collections, as wicking performance is key in denim innovation and comfort, the company said. Unifi’s Sorbtek technology keeps yarn cool and saves water due to its innate protection against soiling, sweat and grass that enables consumers to wash garments less frequently. Unifi’s Repreve fiber, made from recycled plastic bottles, will also be blended with the Sorbtek fiber.

Twin Dragon said it is in the midst of creating its ultimate performance denim that cools in the summer and insulates in the winter. Earlier this year, the firm launched its Liquid Indigo and Eco-Finishing that surpassed standards in water, chemical and energy conservation, the firm said.

Silos of plastic bottles waiting to be processed.

Unifi’s Repreve: Silos of plastic bottles waiting to be processed.  Steve Cash Photography

“Wicking performance capabilities in the athleticwear market have experienced a 70 to 80 percent growth over the past decade. Yet, the denim industry has not caught up or implemented the same capabilities in the jeans category,” said Dominic Poon, the chief executive officer of Twin Dragon Marketing. “Now, Twin Dragon is offering wicking performance denim, which provides cooling properties to the wearer by pulling moisture away from the body. What’s better than a woman being able to wear slimming, skinny high-rise jeans while having the same performance as her yoga pants? Also, men can now wear their comfort stretch in either slim or straight fit and swap them out for sweatpants.”

Jay Hertwig, the vice president of global brand and premium value-added sales for Unifi, said Twin Dragon Marketing has “created a high-tech Sorbtek and Repreve denim that provides superior moisture-management properties.” Hertwig praised the work with Twin Dragon that involves developing a “product that features the performance attributes demanded by today’s consumers, in addition to being environmentally responsible.”

Twin Dragon denim mills offer cotton, comfort stretch, performance stretch, high tech and dual fx, eco-friendly and selvage denim materials. Its affiliates include Lenzing, Cotton Inc., Invista and Unifi. The firm is partnered with L.A.-based Blue River Denim, which specializes in wet- and dry-processing techniques such as garment, ombré and tie-dyeing, wax, pigment and tinted coatings and mixed-process denim washing.

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