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In a follow-up survey of consumers, mobile engagement platform provider Vibes said in this year’s report that people are downloading fewer mobile apps, seeking greater personalization and are open to chatbots and mobile ads — as long as the end game if greater savings.

The “2017 U.S. Mobile Consumer Report” was done in partnership with Equation Research, and involved more than 2,000 consumers across several generational cohorts. Forty-eight percent of the respondents were female, 52 percent were male.

Researchers noted that mobile users “are highly motivated by personalized messaging around offers, with 59 percent of consumers saying they’d be most inclined to engage with a brand that sends mobile coupons and other deals. This means your messaging should take into account their locations, preferences and past purchases, as well as personal celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries.”


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The survey found that 31 percent of respondents would subscribe to a brand or company if it offered “exclusive content.” And 21 percent said they would subscribe if the content was about store news and events. With mobile apps, though, consumers are drifting away from using it — and for different reasons.

“The popularity of apps is waning, with consumers downloading only 4.5 retail apps on average,” the researchers said in their report. “Older consumers tend to delete them for lack of use, while many younger consumers delete them to save on storage space. And in the end, while in-app usage is high — 80 percent have opened a retail app on their mobile device within the last month — they typically don’t drive action — only 4 percent of consumers say that they always make a purchase after checking the app for information.”

Regarding native apps while shoppers are inside a store, frequency of use is low. Fifty percent of respondents said they “rarely or never” use a mobile app during in-store shopping while 31 percent said they did it “sometimes.” Respondents are open to receiving notifications. The survey found that 56 percent of respondents “enable notifications for at least one app.”

“Of [that 56 percent], 46 percent of consumers are open to receiving daily notifications, and 17 percent are even up for hearing from your brand twice a day,” the researchers said. “That’s huge growth since last year, according to [last year’s report], which showed just 10 percent of consumers were interested in daily notifications and only 7 percent were interested to hear more than once a day.”

Other key findings include a high-percentage of consumers enrolled in a loyalty program, and a large number (33 percent) of shoppers who said they would make a purchase after clicking on a mobile ad. Additionally, 65 percent of consumers polled said they were “comfortable” with chatbots.

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