Mobile shopping

In effort to bolster digital payments, Visa has announced its new features for connected, payment-enabled devices that deliver sensory confirmations via sound, animation and vibration once a transaction has been completed. The updates come at a time when consumers are increasingly shopping via mobile devices — even when in a physical store.

“As payments become increasingly embedded in commerce, the notion of ‘Everywhere You Want to Be’ takes on even greater meaning for our brand. As new payment experiences continue to take shape in the world, this suite of sensory branding elements will give consumers the assurances we know they want every time they use Visa,” said Lynne Biggar, chief marketing and communications officer of Visa.

Between the scare of recent high-profile cyber hacks such as Equifax’s breach, coupled with the improvement of omnichannel commerce, consumer demand now requires a dual approach to shopping. Merchants must deliver efficiency in shopping journeys and also heightened security within every point of engagement. Through the new functions, Visa is aiming to maintain consumer trust — and loyalty.

To finalize the most prominent components, Visa surveyed consumers within eight countries to collect a sense of global understanding of the impact of sensory branding. According to the research, 83 percent of consumers said that sound or animation cues positively impacted their perception of Visa as a brand. What’s more, 81 percent said that they would have a higher opinion of merchants and vendors that deployed sound or animation features that lasted less than a second — sound was often equated with speed, too.

Visa’s research also found that haptic — or vibrational — technology invoked emotions of happiness and excitement within consumers. As shoppers continue to migrate shopping habits to mobile devices, it will be key for not only brands and retailers, but the services they support and deploy for point-of-service to optimize messaging and communication on security features being enforced to protect shopper privacy.

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