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For many retailers, improving the customer experience involves simplifying e-commerce to rely on fewer clicks and supplementing text search for the ever-potent, AI-powered visual search feature.

Whether it be for navigating outfit inspiration, as seen on platforms such as Pinterest and ShopStyle or creating hyper-personalized recommendations, witnessed in Spotify and Netflix, the bottom line is through these technologies, retailers further empower their shoppers and guide purchases.

In a similar mission, the winner of Digiday’s Best Retail Technology award, Syte, aims to provide a cutting-edge visual AI search, which offers the necessary immersive experience and improved user journey shoppers crave — all beginning with the shopper’s chosen image.

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Following the natural instinct of the shopper to like, share and screenshot imagery in their daily usage, an improved user experience is created “with no learning curve,” said Syte’s chief marketing officer Lihi Pinto Fryman. Bolstering textual search with recommended tags, a look is completely contextualized with product detail, textiles and specific style elements like sleeve style or hem. With this kind of comprehensive data, trend forecasting and predictive analysis is better achieved than the standard textual search.

Larger retailers such as Farfetch, Marks & Spencer, Boohoo and Myntra are finding increased accuracy and more opportunity for personalization through technology such as Syte. More than just a fleeting trend, retailers implementing AI-visual search technology from providers such as Syte are seeing marked improvements in conversion and sales.

Following the need for increased user journey and optimized natural discovery, similar to a scrolling pass through one’s Instagram feed, U.K.-based saw conversion rates increase by more than 100 percent since choosing Syte’s platform.

“Particular challenges with our inventory relate to transient ‘sell-out’ product, with images that need to be tagged fast at very low cost. Specific style references and nuances also change through a season,” said Andrew Thomson, director of e-commerce at Boohoo. Visual search is seen as a solution to “solve these challenges.”

Through actions like product tagging, shoppable Instagram feeds and hyper-personalized product recommendations, Syte captures the overarching attitude of “innovate or die” within retail and recent studies only further bolster the far-reaching effects of visual search.

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