By  on August 27, 2019

If there is one thing that should convince the fashion industry that digital-only apparel is a serious proposition, it is the FaceTune app for mobile phones. Ever since it came on the market, the application — which allows users to “edit” their pictures before they share them on sites like Instagram or Facebook — has been incredibly popular: It’s estimated that around 70 percent of adults edit self-portraits before they post them. So one thing is clear: More than ever, consumers like to experiment with their looks online — and how real they eventually end up looking is not an issue.

It’s the most obvious sign that digital-only fashion has potential, agreed Kerry Murphy, founder of a Netherlands-based company, The Fabricant. His firm calls itself a digital fashion house and made headlines last May for selling a digital-only dress for around $9,500 on block chain. Murphy believes that digital-only fashion, where consumers buy clothing that can only be worn online, which will never exist in real life, is on its way into the mainstream and will eventually disrupt the fashion industry.

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