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Xenio Systems, which offers hardware and software solutions geared to the retail industry, announced the launch of its Xenion platform — which combines smart and connected hardware with a software as a solution (SaaS) portal.

The solution is designed to help retailers offer a better shopping experience by delivering “real-time shopper analytics and insights” that can be used to inform marketing and merchandising strategies as well as customer engagement.

The launch comes as in-store traffic continues to decline. In its most recent report, RetailNext said store traffic fell nearly 14 percent last month.

The San Francisco-based firm said the platform is unlike traditional beacon technologies, and describes it as an “end-to-end platform [that] delivers X-Y positioning of the shopper’s journey and behavior with pinpoint accuracy, including where they spend time in physical stores and what products and brands they engage with.”

Reza Raji, chief executive officer of Xenio Systems, said people live in a world surrounded with smart technologies along with intuitive apps, “yet when we step foot into a retail store, it’s like stepping back in time to an era that has yet to embrace these modern conveniences.”

The ceo said the platform fulfills the promise of a “smart store” while giving retailers “greater insight into what’s happening inside their physical locations. With our easy-to-deploy system, our retail partners can quickly react to their customers’ wants and needs to create a consistently superior off-line shopping experience that mimics the speed and intuitiveness of online shopping. The physical store can now be a strategic asset for retailers rather than a liability.”

The platform features: programmable LED drivers as well as Internet of Things (IoT) modules; connected “smart” lighting fixtures; Bluetooth low energy radios and antennas; and “a network gateway to manage communication to and from the Xenio Cloud.”

Other features of the platform include access to Xenio Studio for real-time consumer analytics. This includes heat maps and in-store traffic patterns. Xenio SKD is also included, which leverages a retailer’s app to deliver a “personalized in-store shopping experience, including turn-by-turn navigation, instant help, concierge services, and real-time two-way marketing capabilities,” the company said.

Xenio Systems is positioning the platform toward retailers who are looking to converge the in-store experience with the online one to improve the overall experience of the consumer. The company said the platform “was designed with today’s connected shopper in mind, melding the best of online shopping with the instant-gratification of a physical store.”

The ceo also noted that for retailers, “this means unprecedented access to real-time shopper insights.” The company uses patented “hyper-positioning technology” that can show the exact location of a shopper and “monitor where they are, where they’ve been, their velocity, and what products they’ve interacted with.”

Xenio Systems is showcasing its technology at ShopTalk in Las Vegas next week.

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