Whether or not he’s the NBA’s number-one draft pick Thursday, one thing is certain for Andrew Wiggins: he’ll be one of the night’s best dressed.

That’s because the much buzzed 19-year-old phenom — who’s been described as the next can’t-miss prospect, having finished only a year at the University of Kansas — enlisted help from stylist Brandon Williams and L.A.-based bespoke tailor, Waraire Boswell, to create a statement-making outfit for his big night.

Boswell, who has dressed a handful of the NBA’s finest, including LeBron James, Blake Griffin and Chris Bosh, custom-created an ensemble that includes a white rose printed blazer with a black satin shawl lapel and black wool trousers.

“I wanted to set him apart from the past and other drafts,” Boswell said. “Generally, on draft day, all of these guys will have these suits from a handful of suit clothiers or have their local tailors do that for them — we wanted him to look like he’s already been there, done that and he’s at the pinnacle. Whoever sees him is going to be like, ‘Oh wow, this guy dresses like this all the time.’”

Boswell collaborated with Williams to find the perfect fabric for the blazer, working with one of Boswell’s fabric vendors to choose the white rose print, usually only for European royalty.

“It’s superexclusive and we were told it was for when royals vacation or go to a country club. It’s a European bird’s-eye fabric. I guarantee no one will have anything even close to what he’s wearing.”

And it will make the young star stand out from the crowd and against his rival, Jabari Parker, of Duke University, who is also in the running to be that number-one draft pick from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But number one or not, Boswell is confident Wiggins will be memorable.

“To be number one is fantastic, but if he goes number two that’s still fine because all eyes will be on him,” Boswell said.

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