Scooter Braun22nd Annual Taste for the Cure, Inside, Los Angeles, USA - 28 Apr 2017

Scooter Braun is speaking out following the fatal attack that took place at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester on Monday night. Braun, who manages Grande, reflected on the tragedy in a series of tweets posted early this morning.

“Tonight I got home and took my parents out to dinner. Korean bbq,” Braun wrote. “We drank and ate and laughed with the tables next to us. I experienced joy.…I experienced joy for the first time in days. And I remembered…we r free.”

Braun continued by pledging to live each day to the fullest in honor of the 22 people who died and 59 who were injured in the attack earlier this week. “The wish of terrorism is to take away that feeling of freedom and joy,” he wrote. “No. That is my answer. No. We can’t allow it. Fear cannot rule the day.”

It was widely reported yesterday that Grande has suspended her tour in light of the attack. Fans have been urging Braun, who also manages Justin Bieber, to postpone Bieber’s European tour, which kicks off on June 3.

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