What Are Your Dream Summer Plans?

Virgil Abloh: “In my head, Africa, I’d love to see it all; it’s possible in a lifetime.”

Olivier Rousteing: “I’ve been thinking about summer beaches in Japan. Yeah, I would love to go. I’m just obsessed with going there and I’ve never been. I’m into daring more in my personal life.”

Giorgio Armani: “The ideal vacation starts on my boat, called Maìn. I love the cruising rhythm so much, with every activity perfectly scheduled — it gives me a pleasant sense of continuity and certainty. When I’m on the Maìn, the key [mantra] is ‘forget everything.’ And then I cannot miss Pantelleria: my home away from home. A dark rock in the middle of the blue sea. It’s an island which at the first sight I felt stark and spare, but which then enchanted me. I can really relax there and recharge to happily go back to Milan, keen to start working again.”

Donatella Versace: “Every summer I try to pick a new destination. I normally never go to the same place, because, considered my personality, I would get bored soon. In general, I like to go to sea destinations because I love to lie in the sun and I find them more relaxing. In August, I really feel like relaxing to be back in September with a fresh mind, new ideas and new inspirations….I travel a lot for work, but every summer I like to visit new places and learn something new, which can enrich me and make me discovering new realities.”

Michael Kors: “Any place with turquoise water, no shoes, no news.”

Dakota Fanning: “The dream is the Maldives. I think it’s so beautiful and very quiet and there are the little huts out on the water on stilts and I want that!”

Silvia Venturini Fendi: “I can sound boring, but I always go to the same place, because I have a summer house which is on a very little island that is called Ponza. It’s a very nice place, I have a family house there; it’s kind of chaotic and busy because the family is growing so much so it’s a kind of working more than a vacation. But it’s very nice because I play the housewife and mother, grandmother, so I enter in another kind of reality. It’s a beautiful island. It’s very calm — you can detox from everything — and the sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world to me. It’s a very simple life.”

Veronica Etro: “I have gone to Ibiza with my family, as we have a family house there, for 25 years, since I was in my teen years. I like the internationality of the island, where different styles and cultures cohabit, its energy and its hidden places in the countryside, where I can freely live on the beach and the beautiful sea, and it’s also near the Formentera island.”

Rolf Snoeren: “Hawaii. There’s something in Hawaii where I feel that my skin and the sea and the air and everything has the same temperature. And I only have it in Hawaii. It’s just amazing.”

Massimo Giorgetti: “Mediterranean…Italy…Liguria, Tigullio Gulf, Portofino, Camogli and Zoagli. Why? To enjoy a piece of this Italy which, in this adult age of my life, I’m finally falling in love with.”

Martha Hunt: “Ibiza — I’m so embarrassed I haven’t been there. I’m a dork for not having been to Ibiza.”

Anna Sui: “Tahiti is the ultimate tropical paradise. I love the lush foliage and glorious profusion of flowers, the clarity and color of the water, the otherworldly beauty of its people…and the black pearls!”

Nina Dobrev: “My dream vacation for the summer would be Europe. I would love to go to France. I feel like a croissant right now. If there was a croissant that passed by I’d definitely take a bite.”

Emmy Rossum: “Greece. I like Mykonos.”

January Jones: “We’re going to go to Spain later this summer. I’ve never been there and I’m excited about that. That’s been a dream of mine.”

Inès de la Fressange: “My dream destination is a country I know quite well now, which is India.”

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