Asked & Answered Olympics

Elizabeth Banks: “Speed skating. It’s the only one I could possibly maybe actually do. Or, like, giant slalom skiing. I could ski GS, that’d be OK, but nothing artistic — I couldn’t do anything like ice dancing, none of that.”

Cordell Broadus: “Snowboarding.”

Rachel Brosnahan: “Well I snowboard, but I’m definitely not good enough to be in the winter Olympics. I just learned about the biathlon. I have not seen the biathlon but from what I understand, it involves cross-country skiing and shooting a gun. But because cross-country skiing is such hard work, by the time you have to shoot the gun it’s really, really difficult. It sounds cool. It sounds primal.”

Lucy Hale: “Which one would I be least likely to get injured in? I’ve always loved watching ice skating, it’s so beautiful and graceful, and they’re such amazing athletes. You don’t realize how truly strong they are. And ‘I, Tonya’ just came out so I’m going to go with ice skating.”

Kehlani: “Figure skating! I love it, I’m obsessed!”

Isla Fisher: “I’m pretty sure either getting a latte or napping. If they were Olympic sports I’d definitely make it into the Olympics.”

Whoopi Goldberg: “I would probably be in the luge. I like the speed.”

Larsen Thompson: “I’m not good at anything like that — I could probably ski pretty well.”

Virginia Gardner: “Is tubing an Olympic sport? No? I’ll say snowboarding.”

Ana de Armas: “I’d like to be inside, somewhere warm. As a Cuban, I’ve never snowboarded or anything. More like the beach and that kind of stuff.”

Chloë Sevigny: “I’d love to figure skate. I figure skated as a child. I wasn’t very good, but I probably did it through grade school until junior high. My brother really excelled in hockey, unfortunately I didn’t excel in figure skating, but I love being on the ice.”

Hilary Swank: “I like women’s figure skating. I was a swimmer, and gymnast, so at least the gymnast part would give me help in the ice skating realm.”

Dakota Fanning: “I suppose it would be figure skating. Is that so obvious? I’m also really into the curling. And I always have been.”

Nicky Hilton: “Ice skating.”