bc kingdom

Tonight, up-and-coming electronic duo BC Kingdom will kick off the Music Marc concert series at the Marc Jacobs boutique in Los Angeles. The L.A.-based group consists of members Logan and Zou, who released their first EP last summer and will debut their latest single, “Hype Williams,” at the performance tonight. We caught up with the the duo before the performance to find out about their musical style, the new single and appreciation for Marc Jacobs — which traces back to the rapper Lil’ Kim.

WWD: How were you chosen to headline the Music Marc concert series?

BC Kingdom: The Marc Jacobs team wanted some artists who resonated with the L.A.-cool underground audience, have a very unique sound, and who also have a fan base here in Los Angeles. Our manager Damon DeGraff is also helping to curate the series, and he and the team decided that our sound and energy would be the perfect match to launch the first event.

WWD: How would you characterize your sound and approach to music?

BC Kingdom: We’re primarily electronic, R&B and soul. We do a lot of underground sounds, and we’re influenced by so many different genres — grime, U.K. music, Nineties hip-hop and R&B. We’re very cool with a lot of the music we like. Going back to Marc Jacobs, we loved Lil’ Kim growing up. That’s actually what introduced me to Marc Jacobs, the Lil’ Kim shirts that Marc Jacobs put out in support of Lil’ Kim [during her] incarceration. That’s how it started. Learning about the grunge movement and stuff, there’s always been this youth under or overtone, [Jacobs] has always been about the youth and people who are underground. He’s like us. His upcoming collection is all about youth, and things that inspire him from the street and things like that.

WWD: What’s the story behind your new single “Hype Williams”?

BC Kingdom: We really wanted to do something a little different with our sound this time. Usually we never put anything that’s more upbeat and more uptempo out, so this was something different for us. The story behind “Hype Williams” is it’s basically a song about capturing the perfect night, about capturing the perfect time out. Hype Williams [the film producer and video director] always had the best music videos of the Nineties — they were always cinematic, clean, always had beautiful women, so that’s kind of what the song is about. It’s about a spontaneous night, having fun, and capturing it on your camera.

WWD: How do you describe your own personal fashion style?

BC Kingdom: People who know us, they always know that we have a uniform of wearing black and monochrome. Whatever we wear, it’s usually black, it’s very street and clean. We like to accessorize, we always have a hat on, always have sunglasses.

I want everyone to know why our background is in fashion. I [Zou] come from styling, that’s my whole thing before I did music. Fashion was my number-one choice for the rest of my life, it’s what I was going to do. I do plan to pursue that down the road because that’s a huge part of our brand, is the fashion. But we don’t want to do the typical artist-fashion designer thing. We want to go about it in a respectful way, like Victoria Beckham or even Pharrell. We want it to feel pure, and we want it to reflect our everyday choices. We want it to feel real and organic, and we want people to follow a story.