At just 28 years old, Christopher Hache has stepped into the culinary big leagues by succeeding Jean-François Piège, holder of two Michelin stars, as chef at the prestigious Hotel de Crillon in Paris.


The young chef with matinee-idol looks is unfazed by the task.


Hache grew up surrounded by the scent of his grandmother’s stews and was soon working at his father’s restaurant near Paris. He quickly realized that kitchen work was no walk in the park. Although passionate about soccer, Hache decided to become a chef. He was eager to learn and trained alongside the likes of Eric Fréchon, Alain Senderens and Eric Briffard.


A few weeks into his new gig, Hache already has customers clamoring for his tasty roasted langoustines with crispy fennel and yuzu, morel mushrooms stuffed with Iberian ham and hazelnut sauce or Gariguette strawberry tart with lemon cream. — Chantal Goupil




WWD: What was your first reaction when you found out you got the job

C.H.: I thought about all the work ahead. The director of the hotel told me to crack open a bottle of Champagne, but I didn’t. There is much to accomplish first.


WWD: How do you describe your cooking

C.H.: Rather classic, because I use classic products and it’s minimalist and clean. I like customers to taste the products.


WWD: What’s your favorite ingredient this spring

C.H.: This season, I fell for the first round yellow zucchinis. I made a version of ratatouille served with steamed codfish.


WWD: What’s your first cooking memory

C.H.: I am standing on a stool, I must be six or seven years old, and I’m rolling out dough with my grandmother.


WWD: How is it possible to learn so much so young

C.H.: People forget that in the kitchen we work very long hours. It’s like having a 20-year career after 10 years.


WWD: Do you have hobbies

C.H.: Soccer. I love to watch games, and I used to play. I had to stop competition because of a knee injury.


WWD: Did you have time to go out and enjoy a good meal lately

C.H.: I had dinner at the Meurice hotel recently, and I truly enjoyed it.

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