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Freshly prepared meals, daily workout classes, nightly meditations and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean are standard at One Gun Ranch in Malibu, Calif. — except its health-inspired weekends are invitation only.

Owners Alice Bamford and Ann Eysenring purchased the 20-acre property in 2008 from Guns ‘N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum as a private estate. The partners have since developed the grounds into a certified biodynamic farm, which takes a holistic and ecological approach to harvesting. It’s this passion for wellness that spurred the pair to offer ultra-exclusive wellness weekends. “The ranch is our private home, but we will have two day or three-day fitness and wellness retreats for some of our close friends,” explained Bamford. Cara Delevingne, Demi Lovato, Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been among that elite coterie.

While each stay at the private destination is customized to each group of guests, Bamford’s focus on creating a relaxing and rejuvenating environment is key to any retreat at her getaway.

“Everyone rises on the ranch and enjoys a prepared breakfast before getting in an outdoor workout that could be anything from a trampoline routine and football drills, to running up and down the trail,” said the daughter of British businessman Sir Anthony Bamford. “Then we will probably do a yoga session overlooking the ocean and have a lecture on the benefits of biodynamics, followed by a new or full moon meditation.”

An evening typically ends with another gourmet meal made from crops grown on-site and prepared in the campfire kitchen. “We have a stone circle just outside the campfire kitchen where we will chat and share the highlights of our day,” she noted. Guests can then retire to either a vintage Airstream trailer or secondary guesthouse that sits hidden on the massive plot of unspoiled land.

Even just roaming the grounds, which boast ocean views from nearly every vantage point, is transformative. “You’re incredibly close to L.A., but immediately feel an overwhelming sense of peace when you arrive,” noted Bramford. “You’re so surrounded by nature and all of the elements and that is what I absolutely fell in love with.”

Bamford and Eysenring’s personal two-story home is perched atop the ranch with a pool overlooking the whole property, which includes a creek, several stables and a lily pond. The main road connects this upper part of the ranch to the lower section where the stables, grassland, campfire kitchen, cowboy bar, horse roundabout and lower creek are located, all of which are utilized during the retreat. It’s not uncommon to see one of the estate’s many four-legged inhabitants roaming the palm tree-covered grounds including alpacas, pigs, horses, dogs and a donkey named Waffles.

Several canvas tents dotting the serene landscape are used for activities like XPT workouts — a high intensity strength class — led by renowned surfer Laird Hamilton and his wife professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece. “We know some brilliant trainers and health advocates in the community, so we ask them to come and do classes at the ranch,” said Bamford.

There’s a relaxation teepee, outfitted with blue and white pillows and blankets, which guests can use for meditations and lounging. “The teepee is a sacred place,” revealed Bamford. “We have a lot of hidden treasures,” she added.

A four-day getaway at a nearby public wellness retreat starts at $3,900, but Bamford offers all of these amenities complementary to those lucky enough to make her handpicked guest list. “Health and wellness are just so important to us and we love having a peaceful and happy place where [friends and family] just want to come back,” she said.

Although One Gun Ranch itself is closed to the public, Bamford and Eysenring sell ranch-made products like tea, chocolate and homegrown passion fruit (a favorite of Wolfgang Puck) online and at a storefront on the Malibu Pier. On April 4 the pair will introduce a guidebook to biodynamic and sustainable living inspired by their lifestyle.

“There are over 100 recipes featured,” said Bamford. “This is how we can share a piece of our home with everyone.”


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