Janie Bryant in the vintage fabric room at Western Costume in Los Angeles, Calif.

Costume design is undoubtedly an integral part of show business, but the fine details of creating the wardrobe for a film or television show are not always apparent. Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant has teamed with Airbnb’s “Inside the World of Hollywood” Experiences to give a glimpse inside the creative process of bringing an on-screen wardrobe to life.

Drawing from her work on projects including “Mad Men,” “The Last Tycoon,” and “Deadwood,” Bryant will take guests through her creative process starting with dissecting a script based on each character and thoroughly researching each look — especially for projects set in a bygone era.

“Being in the film industry is sort of an esoteric, unique profession,” she explains. “I love the fantasy and it’s very romantic to me to create a world that’s like time travel.”

The four-hour experience, the next of which takes place October 23 in Los Angeles, will begin in the vintage fabric room of Western Costume and will explore the aisles of the North Hollywood warehouse’s period costumes, which are normally off-limits to the public.

The group will then visit Unique Vintage in Burbank, Calif., where Bryant will unveil her latest 13-piece women’s wear collection based on Fifties designs and let each guest take home a piece of their choosing. “One of my favorite pieces is a sweetheart neckline, black-and-white polka-dot tulle party dress, but anything feminine and flirty I go nuts for.”

With this experience, the Tennessee native hopes participants will gain a deeper understanding of a costumer’s role within the industry and the work that goes into creating an onscreen wardrobe. “Most people think it’s just about styling, but it’s not styling at all,” she continues. “It’s about visually moving the story along, not only for the audience but also in allowing the actor to feel that character. That’s really the magic of costume design.”