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It’s that time of year again — when festivalgoers and fashion scenesters descend upon Indio, Calif. for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which begins its first of two three-day weekend runs today. Although the fest has grown to include more big name headliners like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend and Wu-Tang Clan, it’s still a mainstay springboard for that ever-elusive next big thing. Here, some burgeoning acts to check out at the show.


The Neighbourhood
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Sound: So-Cal indie-rock
Style: Leather jackets, tats, hoodies and Vans.
Coachella Talk: “Coachella was actually where we got the idea to start a band. We were watching Arcade Fire two years ago and knew we had to just go for it. No questions asked,” said Jesse Rutherford, lead vocalist.
Deap Vally

Hometown: Los Angeles
Sound: American garage rock with a touch of blues
Style: Just like their sound, the duo’s style is eclectic — Eighties glam, American flags, cowboy boots and studded leather.
Coachella Talk: “Lindsey [Troy, guitar and vocals] loves Coachella. She crowd-surfs, she’s pressed up in the audience. I’m lightweight. I can’t rough it at festivals,” said dummer Julie Edwards.
Smith Westerns
Hometown: Chicago
Sound: Indie sound with a nod to glam rock
Style: Nineties grunge meets modern alt-rocker.
Fun Fact: The quartet is heavily influence by Brit-pop and rock acts like David Bowie and T-Rex.
Hometown: Vancouver
Sound: Synth-pop
Style: Lady Gaga-meets-Japanese hippie chic. “Grimes,” (née Claire Boucher) changes her hair as much as her electro-tunes, though her blunt-cut bangs remain the same.
Coachella Talk: “I need to be comfortable before anything else when I’m performing. I’m probably going to wear something by Jeremy Scott at Coachella. I like the idea of artists who flirt with pop culture and who make a statement that’s not necessarily political. With someone like Jeremy you can enjoy it and take away from it whatever you want,” said Boucher.

Wild Belle
Hometown: Chicago
Sound: Psychedelic-reggae with a heavy helping of funk
Style: The free-spirited pair pay tribute to quintessential Sixties garb with paisley prints, bell-bottoms and flowy, sun-kissed locks.
Fun Fact: The duo is actually siblings Elliot and Natalie Bergman.
Jessie Ware
Hometown: South London, England.
Sound: Soul, trip-hop
Style: Cleanly tailored blazers, red lips and cat eyeliner.
Fun Fact: Ware’s gal-pals include Florence Welch and Adele.


Hometown: Minneapolis
Sound: A mix of indie rock, R&B, electronic
Style: Just the basic tees and jeans, please.
Fun Fact: Poliça means “policy” in Polish. Lead singer Channy Leaneagh sees it as a reference to the band’s work ethic.
Adrian Lux
Hometown: Stockholm
Sound: Electro-house
Style: Signature white tee and sheep-lined denim jacket.
Fun Fact:
Although he’s new to the electro scene, house music giants like Avicii and Axwell have remixed his music.