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Call it an occupational hazard, but Rosemarie DeWitt found herself spontaneously making out with her “Digging for Fire” costar. And it wasn’t her real-life husband Ron Livingston, who also appears in the film.

“It happened to be Orlando Bloom, which was really hard because he’s so unattractive,” the actress cracked, talking to reporters outside the film’s premiere on Thursday night at the ArcLight Hollywood. DeWitt said their impromptu kiss — encouraged by director Joe Swanberg’s improvisational approach to filmmaking — was shot over the course of four hours on the first day of filming. “I had to call Ron on the phone and say, ‘I know you read the treatment and it said I didn’t make out with Orlando Bloom, but all of a sudden I did, so…’ It felt like a confession of sorts.”

Ever the professional, Livingston chalked it up to being part of the job. “Anybody who kisses my wife in a movie is family, so it’s all good,” he said.

For his part, Bloom said it was that sort of creative freedom that attracted him to the film. “Because everything is improvised, it’s very loose,” he said of the project, which had only a three-page outline in lieu of a script. “I’ve never worked like that, so it was like, ‘Dive in!’ We had extensive conversations about how I could come in and mess with Rosemarie DeWitt’s character in an interesting way.” Bloom felt that the approach had an added bonus. “It’s a great way to work. You don’t have to learn lines!”

Even so, Jake Johnson — who plays DeWitt’s on-screen husband — received a co-writing credit since the film’s concept was based on one of his real-life experiences from eight years earlier. “The story is about a guy looking for a dead body in his backyard…that actually happened to me,” he said. “I was putting a garden in my backyard and I found an old bone, and I found a rusted gun, and I found the rusted license plates. I called the police and I said, ‘There might be a dead body in our yard,’ and they said, ‘It’s not our job to dig out your garbage, so when you find a body call us.’ And I called a bunch of my friends, and we went digging, looking for a body.”

The party carried on down the street at Wood & Vine where bite-sized chicken-and-waffles awaited guests like Rachel Roy and Lamorne Morris, kicking back on the venue’s outdoor patio.

Earlier in the night, Bloom spilled some details from inside Jennifer Aniston’s recent wedding. “They’re a wonderful couple. I was really honored to be there and it was a great night,” he said. While he noted that Jimmy Kimmel — who officiated the ceremony — was “great,” it was fellow guest and unofficial dance partner Howard Stern that made the biggest impression on Bloom. “I have a man-crush on him. Have you seen him? He’s the most handsome thing you’ve ever seen. I mean, he thinks I’m handsome? That’s ridiculous. He’s seeing a reflection of himself that’s what it is.”

No wonder everyone wants to kiss this guy.

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