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The days are long, hot and sticky, but these dogs have it made in the shade.


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Dog’s name/breed: Gaspar, a black toy poodle.

His favorite summer activity: He does not like to walk; he loves to be carried around.

Dream travel destination: Anywhere in the car with me.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Secretly stealing food.

Greatest talent: He is very intelligent, but the biggest troublemaker and he loves to flirt.

What he still needs to work on: His discipline, but I think it’s too late because he is too spoiled already.

If Gasper was a person, he would be: I don’t want a person, I want my Gaspar.

Why it’s true love: It was love at first sight 13 years ago. He loves, listens and never talks back.

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Dog’s name/breed: Brooklyn, a two-year-old French bulldog.

His favorite summer activity: Sitting in the bedroom with the air conditioning on.

Dream travel destination: Shelter Island, N.Y.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Begging at the table for our food.

Greatest talent: Looking cute.

If Brooklyn was a person, he would be: A very lazy person, he doesn’t do anything.

Why it’s true love: He’s my grandson. He’s actually my daughter Bibi’s dog.

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Dogs’ names: Harry and Dean.

Their favorite summer activity: Harry’s is avoiding summer activity. Dean’s is running after deer in the yard and marking the spots that squirrels and raccoons dare to trespass.

Dream travel destination: Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Biggest guilty pleasure: I’ve just given up feeding them off the table, which was murderous. That was their great guilty pleasure. Now they get peanut butter-filled bones to occupy them at dinner, which is not nearly as fun. Dean sometimes wets the bed, which I think is great fun for him but horrible for everyone else, which I guess makes it a true guilty pleasure.

Greatest talents: Harry’s greatest talent is his judgment of character. Dean’s greatest talent is humping.

What they still need to work on: Harry is a perfect being, he doesn’t need to work on anything. Dean needs to learn how to say less. He’s very loud at parties and in intimate settings.

If my dogs were people: Harry would be Winston Churchill and Dean would be Napoleon.

Why it’s true love: Not only is it true love, it’s unconditional love. No matter what they do, I love them. My husband is much abler than I to discipline them, so I guess they walk all over me and still I adore them. Also, no matter what I do, they love me. But I never give them cause to not love me. And yes, they love me more when there’s prosciutto involved.

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Dog’s name/breed: Steph, a 10-year-old chocolate Lab.

Favorite summer activity: Going to the beach.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Taking the helicopter to the Hamptons.

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Dog’s name: Rocky, a Norfolk terrier, and Myrtle, who’s adopted and is likely a coonhound/German shepherd mix.

Their favorite summer activity: Rocky loves swimming in the pool and diving into waves on the beach. Myrtle loves following Rocky around and barking at anyone in the pool.

Dream travel destination: ​Rocky has two sides to him. He loves staying in hotels and being pampered, but could also happily run along the beach all day. ​Myrtle is really happy anywhere, as long as she is with her family.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Rocky is very keen on makeup — especially my lip gloss, which he constantly gets into. As a former street dog, Myrtle now enjoys the finer things in life. She is apparently a fan of Chanel — she ate my jacket last year!

Greatest talent: Rocky is an incredible actor; he constantly manages to convince me he hasn’t been fed.

What they still need to work on: I wouldn’t have Rocky any other way. Myrtle needs to work on her anxious disposition.

If Rocky and Myrtle were people, they would be: They would be just like the characters in the movie “Withnail and I.”

Why it’s true love: Rocky is so affectionate and wakes me up with kisses in the morning. And when I went to the rescue shelter, it was Myrtle who actually found me. She walked right up to me and jumped into my lap — I knew it was meant to be!

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Dog’s name/breed: Teddy Neuwirth, labradoodle.

His favorite summer activity: Chasing birds at the beach.

Dream travel destination: Carpentaria to visit his brother. They run and play on the beach all day long. It’s so sweet.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Picking on my next-door neighbors’ cats.

What he still needs to work on: Being better on a leash, and trying not to eat the neighbors’ cats and the neighborhood ducks. But he is a great snuggler!

Why it’s true love: He never talks back! And no one is happier to see me when I get home.

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Dog’s name/breed: LouLou, Maltese.

Her favorite summer activity: Going with me to flea markets and vintage furniture shopping.

Dream travel destination: She loves Bodrum, Nashville, Dubai and NYC. LouLou is a well-traveled pup and has many stamps in her “passport.”

Biggest guilty pleasure: She goes to restaurants in Europe and has her own seat and eats a large meal. She loves bread, salads, chicken, beef, fruit.

Greatest talent: She is an actress. She fakes things to get my attention.

What she still needs to work on: She is very quiet underfoot and trails you as you walk — she doesn’t take kindly to being stepped on.

If LouLou was a person, she would be: Definitely a princess who is witty, mischievous and very social.

Why it’s true love: We talk. She knows everything that is going on. We have a different set of communication skills between us. She plays games on me sometimes and she knows when I catch her.

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Dog’s name/breed: Bobbin, Norwich terrier.

His favorite summer activity: Riding with me in the sidecar bike.

Dream travel destination: Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Sleeping anywhere and everywhere.

Greatest talent: He remembers what floor the office is on no matter how many stops. He’s always ready to exit at only our floor.

What he still needs to work on: His chronic halitosis.

If Bobbin was a person, he would be: A teenage boy.

Why it’s true love: Because I feed him.

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Dog’s name:

His favorite summer activity: Chasing birds on the beach.

Dream travel destination: It’s a tie between our beach house in Fire Island [N.Y.] and our friends’ house in the Hamptons with a koi pond, which he loves to terrorize.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Sleeping in a bed.

Greatest talent: Soothes his owner’s work stress.

What he still needs to work on: To come when called.

If Roscoe was a person, he would be: Curious George.

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Dog’s name/breed: Gypsy. She’s a mutt with a lot of border collie and Belgian shepherd.

Her favorite summer activity: Running in the woods.

Dream travel destination: Upstate New York.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Rolling in dead things in Upstate New York.

Greatest talent: Squirrel chasing.

What she still needs to work on: Not jumping on me when I get home.

If Gypsy was a person, she would be: Does Alf count as a person?

Why it’s true love: She’s just my straight-up soul sister and one of the sweetest beings I’ve ever met.

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Dog’s name/breed: Polka. I found her as a stray three years ago in Ibiza, my home island, coming home from a wedding. I was too drunk to come up with anything else but the obvious: Polka Dots because she looks like a dalmatian.

Her favorite summer activity: Food, sleep, food.

Dream travel destination: Back to Ibiza, Spain. But in general Polka is not good on planes.

Biggest guilty pleasure: She ate my herbal garden — all of it! She eats grass, leaves, any plants, as if she were a goat.

Greatest talent: She has the best nose in Paris.

What she still needs to work on: Patience and grammar.

Why it’s true love: She’s my loyal partner in crime and I’m the provider. We complement each other.

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Dog’s name/breed: Pane, broken coated Jack Russell [terrier].

His favorite summer activity: Running after his ball.

Dream travel destination: Countryside.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Having sex with his stuffed animals.

Greatest talent: He is an acrobat.

What he still needs to work on: The peeing inside the house.

If Pane was a person, he would be:
The youngest brother I’ve never had.

Why it’s true love: Because I picked him among seven other puppies.

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Dogs’ names/breed: Emma and Giulia, Labradors.

Their favorite summer activity: Swimming and eating.

Favorite travel destination: Sicily.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Eating and eating, and stealing my sketches.

Greatest talent: To love!

What they still needs to work on: Nothing, I adore them! They are free and gorgeous!

If Emma and Giulia were people, they would be: Only dogs — beautiful, free dogs. I can say I love dogs much more than people.

Why it’s true love: There’s no explanation. I can’t live without them. When I work, sleep, take a shower, watch a movie, they give me happiness!

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Dog’s name/breed: Lola, black Labrador.

Her favorite summer activity: Swimming. She’s not particularly fussy about whether it’s the sea, a river or a pool.

Dream travel destination: Switzerland. She is on her second passport and loves nothing more than a fresh pile of powder snow to dive into.

Biggest guilty pleasure: A sneaky dip in the swimming pool on a hot day.

Dog’s Greatest talent: Diving — she is capable of a full three-meter racing dive into the river.

What she still needs to work on: Apple-core catching. Her current hit rate is eight out of 10.

If Lola was a person, she would be: Impossible to say, as she truly believes she is a person.

Why it’s true love: She is loyal, loving, unjudgemental and never fails to make me crack a smile.

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Dog’s name/breed: Marlon, Rhodesian ridgeback.

His favorite summer activity: Sunbathing.

Dream travel destination: English countryside.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Cheddar cheese.

Greatest talent: He’s great at posing for the camera.

What he still needs to work on: He’s a very messy eater.

If Marlon was a person, he would be: Very handsome.

Why it’s true love: He’s a real mama’s boy.

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Dog’s name/breed: Gringo, Jack Russell [terrier].

His favorite summer activity: Grinding his stuffed animal.

Dream travel destination: Aunt’s beach house in Apulia [Italy].

Biggest guilty pleasure: Meeting a Great Dane at the park…such an impossible love.

Greatest talent: He is a great runner and jumper.

What he still needs to work on: He has always been scared of children, probably because they are unpredictable and he is not so used to dealing with them.

If Gringo was a person, he would be: A comedian, I’m sure!

Why it’s true love: We completely depend on each other. When I leave the office for appointments, he doesn’t move until I’m back.

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Dog’s name/breed: Manolo, shih tzu/Maltese mix.

Her favorite summer activity: She likes to run outside to make sure that squirrels stay out of our yard. She also enjoys getting her hair cut — Manolo likes to keep her hair out of her eyes!

Favorite travel destination: She loves New York to visit the Pamella Roland showroom where she makes the rounds. She’ll go straight to the office that has treats. She also loves the Bahamas and Bonaire.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Snacking on pretzels, and long naps at our lake house in Northern Michigan. She also loves playing in mom’s shoe bags (Manolo Blahniks, of course).

Greatest talent: Posing for photos, driving a boat and riding in an airplane.

What she still needs to work on: Trying not to get overexcited when in a new place.

If Manolo was a person, she would be: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Why it’s true love: She has a strong personality like I do, and of course, a passion for travel and style.

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Dog’s name/breed: Maggie, bull terrier.

Her favorite summer activity: Going to the park to play ball or meet some new doggie friends.

Favorite travel destination: She loves nature, anything green!

What she still needs to work on: Going for a walk wearing a leash.

If Maggie was a person, she would be: Superwoman!

Why it’s true love: Maggie is just as crazy as I am. She runs in circles, jumps up and down and acts ridiculous all the time. Everything she does is what’s inside my head!

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Dog’s name/breed: 43, mongrel.

His favorite summer activity: Hunting for lizards.

Dream travel destination: Sometimes he disappears and goes to Alghero [Italy] — we live four [kilometers] from the town — and strolls around until someone calls us to pick him up.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Tormenting Pierivo, my wife Patrizia’s Jack Russell [terrier].

Greatest talent: He touches the heart of everybody visiting us.

What he still needs to work on: Improving his social skills with other dogs.

If 43 was a person, he would be: Mario Balotelli.

Why it’s true love: We understand each other. We both need love.

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Dog’s name/breed: Luna, a puggle.

Her favorite summer activity: Running on the beach.

Dream travel destination: Around the world.

Biggest guilty pleasure: Street treats.

Greatest talent: She’s a good listener and a very patient model.

What she still needs to work on: Her breath.

If Luna was a person, she would be: Goldie Hawn.

Why it’s true love: Soul mates.

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Dog’s name: Bark Obama, French bulldog.

His favorite summer activity: Going to the park with me and my boyfriend Manny, or to the Barking Dog restaurant where we have breakfast and he gets treats.

Dream travel destination: [New York’s] Van Cortlandt Park, where we do BBQ and everybody spoils him.

Biggest guilty pleasure:
Chewing on my comforter.

Greatest talent: Professional flatulator.

What he needs to work on: Not biting our hands when playing.

If Bark was a person, he would be: Jack Black.

Why it’s true love: I just love him and I know he loves me too. My biggest wish when I am traveling is that he knew how to use FaceTime.

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