Sah D'Simone

As cofounder and creative director of Bullett Magazine, Sah D’Simone had many markers of success, but little of the joy that he expected to accompany the VIP lifestyle. In 2012, he left the publication and was forced to reevaluate his path.

“After Bullett, I found myself very lost and depressed. I didn’t know what was next for me,” he says. “Friends and mentors recommended meditation. That was the first step in helping me see and understand the inner-workings of my mind.”

D’Simone immersed himself in meditation practice, traveling multiple times to study in Nepal and India before returning to New York to cultivate a new career as a meditation coach. Knowing all too well the busy schedules of those working in the fashion industry, he decided to pen a book of short daily meditations to encourage readers to engage with a mindfulness practice every day.

“It doesn’t matter when or where you choose to practice, all that matters is that you do it every day,” he says. “I chose this format because everyone has five minutes, and we have to start somewhere…I can promise you that by taking just five minutes each day, it is possible to gently undo the little destructive mind patterns that make you suffer.”

Meditation has also allowed him to look back at his former career at a fashion glossy through a different lens.

“I have opened up to a wider perspective in life outside of fashion because back then, that was all I cared about,” D’Simone says. “Meditation helped me see the bigger picture and understand my part in it. I have also learned to forgive myself and others, to participate fully in life, and be unattached to outcomes.”

Below, a five-day excerpt from “5-Minute Daily Meditations: Instant Wisdom, Clarity and Calm.”

Aug. 7: When Am I Performing?

There are certain people in your life who can only hang out with your masks — not with your truth, not with your silence. They require you to constantly perform a role that suits their addiction to suffering. Notice when you’re starting to perform the role that they expect of you.

Aug. 8: Visualization: Flourishing

Visualize yourself filled with energy, vitality, and grace. Your body is self-healing and filled with potential. Visualize your whole body healthy, vibrant, and alive.

Aug. 9: Your Business Card

Your presence introduces you before you even speak. Observe how it is introducing you.

Aug. 10: Emotional Rebound

The only way to overcome negative emotions is to experience them. When you allow yourself to be with an experience without adding judgment or rushing to change your emotional state or feel a different way, over time you strip emotion of its power over you.

Bring your attention now to any negative emotion you may be experiencing. Take a deep breath in and out. What feelings are present? Stay with the feeling for a few more breaths. Experience the sensations associated with the emotion, observe the chatter and commentary your mind has to say about the experience. Now, with a newfound distance, release the emotion, the experience, and the thoughts.

Feelings arise; it is part of our human experience. Often they arise as a reminder that a part of you needs healing and only when you allow them can you tend to those parts of yourself. Suppressed emotions only come back twofold, so avoid running from them. It is possible to be in the presence of feelings without being ruled by them.

Aug. 11: The Reserve

Have you realized that it feels better to be optimistic, to appreciate more and complain less? Optimism and appreciation constantly replenish your internal energy bank. When you cultivate a habit of optimism and appreciation, they become your default mindset, and you live a better life. Practice noticing how you use your energy: Are you using it to complain or to appreciate?

Excerpt from “5-Minute Daily Meditations.” Copyright © 2018 and reprinted by permission of Althea Press.

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Sah D'Simone

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