Gwyneth PaltrowGoop x Cadillac: 'Road to Table' Dinner, Los Angeles, USA - 06 Dec 2016

“I’m always asking myself why am I so f–king tired,” said a seemingly alert Gwyneth Paltrow via phone this week from Los Angeles.

The Oscar winner’s normally hectic schedule lightened Tuesday as Winter Storm Stella canceled flights across the eastern seaboard, preventing Paltrow from flying to New York for the opening of business partner Tracy Anderson’s new flagship studio March 15. “I really wanted to come — it’s such a bummer.”

But perhaps a brief respite was exactly what the doctor ordered for the actress. “I sleep, I eat well, I exercise, like, what is my f–king problem? We work too hard, we drink too much, we have too many things going on and our adrenals are on burn out,” Paltrow continued. “In modern life we operate way past our capacity.”

So the working mother of two addressed the challenges of her busy lifestyle in the best way she knows how to: by consulting with world-renowned doctors in developing a uniquely tailored vitamin line, naturally. Each has a cheeky name (yes, one is actually called Why Am I So Effing Tired? and aids adrenal fatigue) and each is aimed at combating the health issues most often vocalized by readers of her Goop blog.

“For ‘The Mother Load,’” explained Paltrow of a supplement targeted at fighting post-natal depletion, “women give birth and they don’t feel like they’re recovering, but why is that? Dr. [Oscar] Serrallach crafted this regimen with us to really address that problem.”

Others products in the line include a general vitamin — Balls in the Air — and one to maintain healthy blood sugar metabolism — High School Genes. Unlike some of the outlandishly priced products often touted by Paltrow online, a month’s supply of the custom-crafted wellness boosters run for less than $100. “Part of what we do is focus on a direct-to-consumer model so we can pass the value on to our customers,” noted the entrepreneur.

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