The Brant boys are no strangers to a bit of scandal. Notorious for their liking of a good party, the sons of Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour have had a year dotted with legal issues, the latest being Harry’s July 28 arrest in Greenwich, Conn., for refusal to pay a cab fare and drug possession.

Brant has taken to Instagram for the first time since the incident, in back-to-back posts that appear to poke fun at how his arrest went down. His first photo shows heavily armed officers pinning a blonde woman against a car, captioned “pretty much how it looked.” His second, posted Saturday morning, is a stylized photo of Paris Hilton with officers beside her in a much more gentle manner than his first photo, captioned “Let’s be real… It looked like this.”

Brant’s followers responded with passion to his brash comments on his arrest. Comments on his photos range from “LIVING” and “Happens to the best of us” — does it? — to more critical calls for interventions. “You can party, and have fun and have a sense of humor about it, it’s all cool @harry_brant but when you involve other people that are working and just trying to make a living that’s when you’re just a dumbf–k,” wrote one follower. “Doesn’t matter how much you have or how beautiful you are, you have a choice.” Another offered up some sage wisdom for how to handle the situation without letting it ruin his partying ways. “Just do an alcohol diversion class for six weeks before trial and you should be good,” advised the supporter.

Young Harry’s run-in with the law comes following older brother Peter’s arrest in March for injuring a police officer who responded to reports of Peter’s disruptive behavior at John F. Kennedy International Airport while waiting to board a flight. Earlier this year, Seymour was arrested for driving under the influence in Greenwich.

Harry’s approach to his arrest seems to dash any hopes he might be taking the incident seriously. Interestingly, the posts came after his scheduled court appearance date on August 4.

Perhaps now is the time to invest in a publicist.