Justin Bieber at Saint Laurent Fall 2016

It’s hard out there for a young pop prince looking for love. Poor Justin Bieber has made good on his threats to quit Instagram, following an onslaught of negative comments hurled at rumored new girlfriend Sofia Richie, and also on the heels of a comments-section war of words with ex Selena Gomez. Let’s break this down, shall we?

As any teen can attest, the love life of Justin Bieber is fiercely guarded by his plethora of fans. Following his breakup with Gomez, any young lady who has been rumored to be dating Bieber is routinely subject to online unpleasantries, and his latest date, Nicole Richie’s younger sister Sofia, is no different. This time though, such treatment didn’t sit well with Bieber, and after posting several black-and-white selfies with Richie, he threatened to make his Instagram account private if the negative comments continued.

This prompted Gomez to add her two cents to the ordeal, and Gomez and Bieber began exchanging accusations of cheating and social-climbing via the ever-public Instagram comment section. As all exes do.

And now it appears the worst has happened — Bieber took things a step further than making his account private, and looks to have deleted his account altogether. Devotees in search of Bieber’s latest snap are now greeted only by the disparaging message notifying them that “the link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.” Perhaps Bieber has yet to hear of Instagram‘s latest feature which allows celebrities to opt out of having comments smeared over their posts — Richie, though, has caught on to the update, and continued to update the haters on her blooming love with Bieber, sans comments.

Earlier this year Bieber used Instagram to reveal he was doing away with meet-and-greets due to exhaustion and depression. He’s also known for throwing out the occasional odd throwback picture, such as a couples’ photo with Gomez from back in the heyday of their courtship.

What are we to do without our go-to source for bizarre, inexplicable social media? What will become of young Ms. Richie and the Biebs? Where does Selena fit into this all? Only time — and Twitter, it now seems — will tell.