Following Justin Bieber on Instagram is truly a delight for thrill-seekers; you never quite know what he might throw your way. Over the weekend, Bieber, who is on tour in promotion of his latest album, “Purpose,” showed off his latest ink, which just so happens to be on his face.

Bieber, who captioned the photo, “resting up for the show in Philly, it’s gonna be a good one, mark my words,” appears to have had a small cross inked close to his right eye.

This latest ‘gram follows a series of strange posts from Bieber over the course of his “Purpose” tour. In recent months we’ve seen yet another Bieber bare bum, a tiger, bleached dreadlocks, a dated photo of Taye Diggs, and coloring-book erotic anime art. Ah, the life of a Instagram-generation pop star.

When Bieber first revealed his dreadlocks last month, he drew flack for cultural appropriation — he’s since shaved off the bleached locks, opting for a buzzcut.

On April 13, Bieber shared a rather graphic illustration of what must be a favorite tour bus pastime — anime erotica, or “hentai,” more specifically. “It’s dope cuz I actually sat down for 30 min. and finished. I never can sit still for that long, so it’s an accomplishment. Yes this took me 30 minutes, haha, I know I suck. Don’t judge me,” Bieber pleaded with his followers, many of whom likely have yet to see a PG-13 movie. 

Last week, Bieber was again in the hot seat from an Instagram post, this time for a photo of him posing with a leashed tiger, angering People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in doing so. He also drew criticism for supposedly comparing himself to God in another snap from last week, and shared a photo of his Google news search alerting him to the coverage. From the post, we can see he prefers Perez Hilton to the Daily Mail — noted.

Things are happening fast over on the ole Bieber account — who knows what next week will bring.

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