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Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection has returned to Miami, with a few new pieces in tow for this year’s showing. One travel accessory making its debut at the Design Miami pavilion is the blue-toned Bomboca Sofa, designed exclusively for Objets Nomades by the Campana Brothers. Here, Brazilian furniture designers Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana discuss their latest design.

Can you describe your inspiration for the Bomboca Sofa, and how the piece refers to the city of Miami?
Fernando Campana: The Bomboca Sofa (sweet in Portuguese) is made of eight cushions in different shapes embraced by a structure in the form of a shell, whose ensemble reminds us of a box of sweets, hence the name.
Humberto Campana: For the new version of Bomboca, the shades of blue are a portrait of the light of Miami. A picture of the celestial tropical luminosity, reflected by the deepness of the ocean.

Do you approach materials for Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection in a similar way as your other pieces? What was unique or interesting about working with the Louis Vuitton leather?
H.C.: Definitely. The materials are elements that will determine projects and concepts. The material will indicate what it “wants to be.” We like to become alchemists and to use our hands as the tool to transform the material into something new.
F.C.: Working with Louis Vuitton is always a learning experience as they have a top-tier know-how in the art of handcraft. At each step there are considerations, exchange of ideas, discussions, etc. and that is very enriching for us.

In what sort of space do you envision this chair finding a home?
F. and H.C.: Bomboca can be everywhere. The sofa is easily dismountable and can be carried in travels to the beach, the countryside or elsewhere.

What effect does collaboration have on your design process?
F. and H.C.: It brings poetry to the art of craftsmanship.

What has made your collaboration with LV successful over the past few years?
F. and H.C.: On a different scale, our philosophy is very much based on handcraft, on the work made by hand, on recovering traditions that are in danger of disappearing and Louis Vuitton is the symbol of tradition in craftsmanship. Which is really great because in a certain way our philosophy is similar to theirs.

What do you look forward to the most during Art Basel Miami Beach?
F. and H.C.: The exciting atmosphere and the smell of new stimulation in the air.

Do you have any favorite spots in Miami outside of the fair?
H.C.: I enjoy the ocean and riding a bike. Being flat, Miami allows for cycling around the region very close to the ocean, which keeps proximity to water. Water is everywhere in Miami. The colors of the nature are decoration of the architecture.
F.C.: I like to walk in Miami. There are beautiful paths along the sea, but also in urbanized areas there is a lot beauty.