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Menswear issue 12/09/2014

Our fashion director’s list of everything that is amazing right now. Better than a top-ten list because it goes up to eleven.


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The 2 Bears
This English band is trippy and soulful, and its debut album, The Night Is Young, is my jam for hotel-gym workouts. It feels like indie electronica, with some deep house and reggae moments. The video for the single “Not This Time” is hilarious and tragic. Seriously,
check it out. #loveabear


The Return of the Spanish Lover
Spanish lovers are all the rage, but remember! While they are superpassionate in bed and known for being good-luck charms (just ask a couple of famous fashion designers), they are super possessive and super jealous. #ucanthaveitall


Ladies Who Rave…
Thanks to Uber Raves are back. It’s partly thanks to Uber—now the girls and I won’t freak out about how we’ll get home at 4 a.m.


Jean-Paul Belmondo
Everybody knows the Jean-Paul Belmondo of the early Jean-Luc Godard movies, but you need to see him in two mid-1960s comedies by Philippe de Broca, That Man From Rio and Up to His Ears. The slapstick is insane and the fashion is incredible.


Vintage Rolex
I always thought that gold watches were part of the uniform for gay hairdressers from Tampa, but when it comes to this solid-gold 1945 Rolex, the Datejust, the look is more of a prosperous physician who still makes house calls. That’s a good thing.


Skinhead, by Nick Knight
This 1982 book of influential photographs captures the street style that was going on when I lived in England some years ago (let’s not go into it). This severe look feels superrelevant—cropped hair is back, and the bomber-jacket situation is hitting really hard.


Lulu the Boss
I just realized my pussycat Lulu is the boss of my house. She rules the space. She allows me to live there. If I am reading a magazine on a Saturday, she slaps down her paw! Or she sits on top of me for a half hour. It’s very clear, the body language. #luluforever


Korres Tube
Each one contains effervescent tablets (bubbles make life funner) packed with vitamins and Greek herbs. Korres is the best because it has the luxury Greek-pharmacy lifestyle to go with it. If you are desperate, plop the tablets in water and add vodka.


This new men’s brand makes the ultra-coolest street wear. When I put it on, I will be photographed for the street-style blogs so I can continue my egomaniacal behavior.


This ski resort in the Spanish Pyrenees celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It’s the kind of place where you can dance with supermodels and royalty in the lodge at lunch.


Artist Marcel Dzama
This guy, a painter and installationist, has the total “it” factor. I saw his amazing video A Jester’s Dance (Une Danse des Bouffons) as part of an installation at David Zwirner gallery, and it has lovely freak-show elements with a soundtrack by Arcade Fire.

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