We live in an age where the concept of a social-media shy celebrity or designer is rather unheard of. What was life like before we knew what a star had for breakfast, what their #squad was up to on the weekends, or what their #goals were? Double-duty celebrities and fashion folk Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have stood out for their lack of social presence — the Instagram account for The Row is instead filled with photos of art, design, and showroom shots. So the Internet perked up on Wednesday when the sisters took over Sephora’s account for the day and shared, yes, their first ever selfie.


The photo — naturally done in a tasteful black and white — was captioned “first public selfie ever,” along with a few emojis. But the Olsens weren’t just being spontaneously friendly – there was a well thought-out business reason behind the post: It was to promote their Elizabeth and James fragrance, “Nirvana,” which is carried at the beauty store. 

Other highlights from their day on social media included many twin shots, like a photo of side-by-side salads (caption: “Refuel. Go local.”) and video of two bottles of the scent being spritzed.

It was revealed in August that the Olsens planned to bring design for Elizabeth and James in house.

Their Instagram takeover was rounded off with a snap of two glasses of bubbly, captioned, “First and last day as official Instagrammers.” Until the next fragrance.