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Nicki Minaj is none too happy with Giuseppe Zanotti. After the brand unveiled a new shoe design Friday morning, Minaj took to social media to say she deserves credit for having inspired some of the brand’s shoes.

Giuseppe Zanotti shared a photo of its latest design, called The Cooper, on Instagram. Minaj seemingly caught wind of the post, which prompted the following response from her: “Dear @giuseppezanottidesign #RunMeMyCHECK your PR must’ve fell & bumped their head when they told my agency they weren’t discussing anything with us. I’m giving you 24 hours. #GiuseppeWhatsGood”

Four more posts soon followed on Minaj’s Instagram account. One in particular showed the rapper hugging Zanotti. She captioned it, “Aww look how cute he was the day he showed me the sneaker he made in my honor.” She also posted a series of tweets.

“I met #GiuseppeZanotti years ago. At which time, he told me I inspired him to design a sneaker in my honor. Wore them on the cover of Cosmo,” Minaj wrote in one. She asserted that his agency told hers that they weren’t taking her calls and asked her followers to Google the “different pairs he’s named after me.” She also seemed to want to know why a formal collection wasn’t made in her honor.

“The racism & disrespect won’t b tolerated,” she continued, asking her fanbase to send the hashtags #RunMeMyCHECK and #GiuseppeWhatsGood trending. She clarified in a later tweet that it wasn’t about money, but the “disrespect.”

Zanotti shoes are frequent subjects of Minaj’s raps. Most recently, the brand launched a Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez collection, and in the past, have released collaborations with Zayn Malik and G-Dragon.

A spokesperson for Zanotti did not immediately respond for comment.

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