New York City native Fabolous is readying himself — and his social media accounts — for New York Fashion Week: Men’s, which begins today.

“I like going to the shows, but also outside of shows and keeping up with fashions I like to keep myself pretty neat,” the rapper explained a few days before the week’s official kickoff. He’s attended men’s and women’s shows during past seasons, but will have a larger presence this season as a Council of Fashion Designers of America New York Fashion Week: Men’s ambassador. He plans to use the week as a way to discover and connect with new designers, as well as solidify his relationship with designers who he’s worked with in the past.

“I love stopping by Tim Coppens, I’m interested in the Raf Simons show that’s coming this time. I know it’s really heightened and they’re putting a lot of emphasis behind the show,” he said, referring to the designer who will show his namesake menswear collection in New York this season on Feb. 1. “When you get the light shined on you, it’s always interesting to see how people do in that light. The light shines on you, the spotlight’s on you, so what are you going to do?”

The rapper links fashion to his work as an artist. “Even before I became an artist myself, I always cared about my presentation,” he explained. “It was a part of helping you see the picture before you heard it. But at the same time too, I think there’s versatility in my fashion and artistry. I’m able to do a lot of things musically, and I think that translates down to the fashion,” he continued. “I go from streetwear to high-end fashion, to being formal and wearing suits. Just a wide range of casually fly to whatever. I feel like I can really adapt to any type of fashion sense that I want to. And really it’s comfort for me as well. If I feel comfortable in it no matter what it is, I can wear it, I’ll do it.” He’s also game to walk in a show, in case anyone’s in need of an extra runway model.

Of course, a perk of the CFDA ambassador gig and appearing front row at shows is the opportunity for self promotion. “I’m looking to release three projects and figure out how I can do that,” he explained. “I think this generation digests music very fast. I have a project I’ve been working on with Jadakiss, who’s a fellow New York legend here, called “Freddy vs. Jason.” We kind of got that from the actual movie theme of those two villains teaming up, so we took the theme from that and ran with it. Funny, Jadakiss’ real name is actually Jason,” he continued. Fabolous is also releasing another studio album, as well as “The Young OG Project 2,” which takes the format of Nineties R&B and puts it in context of modern hip-hop. “I feel like all three projects can live in the space because they’re different versions of me,” he added.

When asked if he had any comment to add before New York Fashion Week: Men’s gets started, Fabolous made a shout-out for followers.

“If you can plug the socials, they’re @myfabolouslife — my Snapchat, my Twitter, my Instagram,” the rapper said. And if you’re interested in following him, this is the week to do it. “On my off days, my Snap becomes kind of dead, but when I’m out, then my Snap becomes poppin’.”