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PUGH TUBE: While not everyone can pull off Gareth Pugh’s avant-garde fashions like, say, Beyonce can, they may soon be able accessorize with his Gothic look. At his party Wednesday night, Pugh disclosed that he’s working on shoes and makeup lines. As for the mini movie he did in lieu of a runway spectacle, Pugh said he wanted to open up the “very elitist” show experience. His parents even checked it out from an Internet café in Lanzarote, Spain. Pugh said he hopes business partner Michelle Lamy’s ties with Hollywood may lead to projects with other artists such as Bill Viola and Steven Klein.

<p>Gareth Pugh and Friend</p>

Photo By: Francois Goize

<p>Gareth Pugh After Party</p>

Photo By: Francois Goize

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