Things are slowly but surely returning to peace and harmony in the model world, as Stephanie Seymour is backtracking on comments she made that angered Kendall Jenner with regards to her status as a “supermodel.”

Almost two weeks ago, Seymour, who is quite solidly ranked as a supermodel, was asked by Vanity Fair what she made of current models like Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Seymour declared they are “completely different than we were,” and that they “deserve their own title,” which she suggested should be “bitches of the moment.” This did not sit well with Jenner and Hadid.

Jenner took to her web site, writing, “if you choose to be a cyberbully, I’m going to stick up for myself. No one is trying to steal Stephanie Seymour’s thing, or trying to be her. I actually looked up to her. She has a daughter! I guarantee you that she didn’t imagine someone so publicly shaming her daughter when she made those comments about us being ‘bitches of the moment.'” The post was retweeted (with added emojis, obviously) by Hadid.

Now Seymour has addressed the fight via Instagram. “I don’t usually address rumors, but since feelings have been hurt I would like to set the story straight,” she wrote on Sunday, beneath a split screen image of Hadid and Jenner. “At an event last week I was jokingly asked if the ‘era of supermodels’ was over, what should we call the new great ‘It’ girls?? There were no names mentioned, and NO ill intent involved. A supermodel is a supermodel. I respect and admire all these women in my industry, in particular Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Having been in the business over 20 years I know how hard these women work. Bravo to both Gigi and Kendall for their success!!”

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