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Menswear issue 01/16/2012

Attracting members of the opposite sex is one thing, keeping them interested is another. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, some of our favorite females reveal what they find most romantic in a man.


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“Pay attention to me. Just put down the iPhone and pay attention to me. That’s the most romantic, decadent thing ever, especially in a time when we’re all so busy.” — JESSICA ALBA


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“A sense of humor. If you can laugh at yourself, nothing is more charming or attractive. That is the most endearing quality for me—I married a comedian.”   — KRISTEN BELL

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“When a man asks you to take a bath with him.” — JUNO TEMPLE


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“When a man knows how to build a fire.” — EMMY ROSSUM

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“Oh gosh. I think concern. My husband is very attentive, but sometimes he really surprises me by saying, ‘I did this for you,’ ‘I did that for you,’ ‘How are you feeling about this?’ And I’m so touched by his concern.”  — JULIANNE MOORE

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“The way he looks at me. If he looks at me like he’s interested, I find that romantic from that man there [pointing at husband Mark Consuelos]. Only from that man there.” — KELLY RIPA


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“When a guy tells you that you are more beautiful without makeup.” — LILY COLLINS


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“Just pour me a drink. I’m the consummate tomboy, and I’m not into that girly stuff. I don’t need a teddy bear or chocolates.” — PETRA FLANNERY

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