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In a city like New York, where workout classes are a dime a dozen, it can be hard to find one that really sticks. And while community is often thrown around as an idea while those same studios pack their classes to maximize profit, The Ness is taking an intentionally different approach. The new fitness studio, which opened quietly a few months ago in a studio space on Broadway just south of Canal Street, is trying to keep things small to foster a real sense of familiarity.

“The main thing that inspired us was really connecting with people, connecting with our clients,” says cofounder Colette Dong, who met her cofounders Aly Giampolo and Dria Murphy through a mutual love for trampoline fitness. After a popular bounce-centric studio where Dong and Giampolo both taught closed late last year, the trio decided to open their own space.

“We’ve built such an amazing client base of smart and grounded and intelligent people [who] love to sweat, and love a hard workout,” adds Dong. “And that was our main inspiration — cultivating a space for them to call home and put into their daily routine.”

The brick-walled studio offers two classes: Bounce (trampoline) and Sculpt (bodyweight strength building), taught by a roster of instructors including Dong and Giampolo. Each class is capped at 12 people and invite-only; to sign up, you have to be referred to the studio by an existing client. “It’s really opening up a place that feels like home. It gives us all a personal touch point prior to you walking in the door for the first time, which is really important to us,” Giampolo says.

Like much of their clientele, they’re also headed out east for the summer; The Ness classes will be popping up at The Surf Lodge’s The Sanctuary wellness studio and at Gurney’s.

Their enthusiasm for bounce fitness is rooted in a commitment to being intentional and mindful. Aside from being low-impact and easy on the joints while also high-energy and fun, the workout requires a certain level of focus that can be hard to find elsewhere.

“We’re actually forcing people to really focus in and be present in the space and in the moment with each other,” Giampolo adds. “They have to focus on the combination and they have to focus on what’s happening right then, so they can let go of the world outside or any stress that’s going on with them and just really let this be their time.”

The Ness

The Ness  Johan T. Anderson

Dria Murphy, Aly Giampolo and Colette Dong. 

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