Let’s do They Are…Avoiding the Kitchen

This Thanksgiving, the fashion-y and famous are thankful for the culinary skills of others, having professed in the weeks leading up to the holiday that though excited for the feast, they’ll be counting on others to make the meal happen.

Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia are entrusting their Thanksgiving dinner to Kim’s mother, who will cook for the Monse office. Young Paris’ plans for the holiday are to “get fat for a weekend” and let his sisters handle the cooking. Rebecca Hall, citing her American mother as reason for celebrating the holiday, too had no plans to cook for the big meal. An American executive in Paris boasted of his elaborate Thanksgiving feast he was serving, before admitting to putting the local butchers to work for most of the dishes.

In-home cooking business The Culinistas vouch for an upswing in requests for a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner, saying they’ve nearly run out of chefs for next week.

It seems any proclamations of proficiency in the kitchen by the celeb set don’t apply to Thanksgiving dinner. Per Ashley Graham, “I just pour wine really well.”

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