Kylie Jenner must be having a hell of a week. Between the expected assortment of public appearances (the NBC upfronts in New York on Thursday; Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards in L.A., etc.), Jenner is allegedly studying for finals (she emphatically denied high school dropout status recently). Ah, the wonders of “homeschooling.” Equally questionable are the under-18 set of fashion partiers (Harry Brant, how are you making 8 a.m. homeroom after having a ball at Boom Boom Room at 2 a.m.?). But some are actually hitting the books — they have social media to prove it. Scroll through NYU students Georgia Hilmer’s and Alana Zimmer’s Instagram accounts for shots of notebook scribbles, often paired with a coffee cup. They’ve got to stave off the Seoul-to-JFK jet lag somehow. “Finals please end so I can…remember how to breathe,” Hilmer wrote on a recent Instagram post. We almost feel her pain.

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