The annual Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala is upon us once again, and this year’s theme has some praying they’ll make it through sticking to their best behavior. 

The exhibit and corresponding dress theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” is stirring nerves over just what direction celebs will take with their gowns come Monday night. The Vatican operates a strict dress code of covered knees and shoulders, which will definitely create challenges for certain celebrities with a penchant for less is more, even if their name is a religious figure (hint: Madonna). 

And those expecting the Met Gala to be its usual raucous party also will be in for a surprise. There will be no Katy Perry (or profane Kanye) taking to the stage to serenade the VIP crowd; no, this year’s entertainment is rumored to be of the choral variety.

As for those infamous smokers who caused a stir for lighting up in the Met’s bathroom last year, they’re under scrutiny for this year’s big night given the fragility of the Vatican vestments. 

So who will be the saints and who will be the sinners?

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