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The day before her 42nd birthday, Tracy Anderson is sitting in a half-split on the floor of her brand-new studio space and, aside from demonstrating how impressively flexible she is, is showing off just how settled in she feels in her new neighborhood.

“One of my really good friends this morning told me that at my birthday party two years ago, our ceo said, ‘I found the perfect space for Tracy where she can have her music as loud as she wants, where she can have her heat/humidity, where she can have her own space,’” the fitness guru to the stars says.

Two years later, she has fully taken over the former movie theater space on 59th Street and Second Avenue and has opened her second fitness studio in Manhattan and her first full-sized café, 3 Green Hearts.

“This is the first time that I’m actually bringing food into one of our environments,” Anderson says, who operates a juice/smoothie bar in her Church Street studio. “This is the first time that I’m going to have the recipes that I use for people who I work with personally to be able to manage weight, manage stress, manage their health, I’m gonna have at this space. They can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks — they can get them for their whole family, they can get them delivered. It will all be exactly what I do when I’m taking weight off of people.”

The café, which is opening slowly in the coming weeks (the studio is now open), will be comprised of an all-organic, rotating menu, with lots of raw, healthy options like salads as well as things like fish tacos and chicken nuggets.

“Listen, it’s difficult to own a weight loss if you’re never ever feeding the part of your system where you are craving,” she says. “[The menu] will be a full spectrum of nutrition and it’s going to rotate, too, because I believe so much in that for your health, to be rotating your nutrition.”

Anderson, who is developing two books this year on health, one for teens and one for adult women, is in charge of the menu, with guidance from a handful of chefs. “I’ll continue to work with chefs because it’s just part of it,” she says. “For me, in my lane, to work with somebody in that lane as a collaborative process to bring forward something that is really healthy and delicious and tasty for people is really [what] I love to work for.”

As for the studio, while the classes offered are the same as her downtown location, it saves her loyal uptown clients some serious commuting time. “This is really showing up for your health in a serious and meaningful way,” she says.”I’ve had a waiting list in TriBeCa since I opened and for all of these years, so many of them work into their schedule not only being at my gym everyday, but traveling to it from uptown. So, this is kind of a gift to them.”

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