WHO ARE YOU, AGAIN?: One of the best ways for a designer to relax after showing her collection during fashion week? Celebrating with friends at a packed-to-the-gills after party, of course. Anisa Mpungwe, whose Loin Cloth & Ashes line was part of the Arise African Fashion Collective, had exactly this in mind when she headed to The Plaza hotel for the after party on Saturday night. In the past, the fete has boasted a guest list with the likes of Grace Jones and Sean “Diddy” Combs. But when Mpungwe arrived at the hotel, ready to see Ciara perform, the more than 600 revelers who had arrived before her had filled the venue to capacity. After much hassle at the velvet rope, the designer was finally allowed entry, but without her team. Preferring to celebrate with her inner circle rather than without them, Mpungwe said thanks, but no thanks. Instead, they all headed to Tribeca Grand Hotel for an intimate postshow dinner — a far cry from the crowded party uptown, which didn’t let out until 2 a.m. After such a high-energy day, the low-key evening was a blessing in disguise for Mpungwe. Besides, she said, “I don’t want to beg to get into my own party.”

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