The best and worst of the Critic’s Choice Awards 2019.

Julia Roberts: C
All that’s missing is a top hat and a baton and she’d be welcoming us to the circus. We understand the commitment to this hybrid look is to be admired, but it didn’t work at the Globes and it’s not working here. Her arms, we must note, are amazing.

Lady Gaga: B+
Here’s the problem: We are now used to major red carpet moments with killer hairstyles, and this I-just-walked-off-a-massage-table dress, with Grace Kelly hair, is not cutting it. There’s element of edginess missing.

Timothée Chalamet: B-
This look was great as part of a McQueen runway collection, but when it’s isolated on the red carpet, the result is more craft fair. When you add a suburban dad sneaker, it’s overkill.

Constance Wu: A
This is our favorite that we’ve seen from Wu. The Champagne-colored Rodarte gown makes her glow and the feminine bow sleeves perfectly balance the deep V-neck. It’s sexy yet timeless. She looks like a movie star. And we love the bangs — and, of course, the big diamond earrings.

Milo Ventimiglia: A-
This is how you do a retro tuxedo flawlessly. The chocolate shawl lapel suit hugs him in all the right places, and the velvet bow tie reinforces the retro feel without becoming costumey. And he is never allowed to shave off that beard.

Cole Sprouse: D
Keep this outfit for the next Halloween when you dress as a microphone. The suit doesn’t fit him at all — it looks like he borrowed it from his younger brother. He would benefit from a strong-shouldered construction. And the clip-on tie is very cater waiter.

Gemma Chan: B+
This floral number would look like a side table in an English country home on anyone else — but she pulls it off. The easy, disheveled hair, simple makeup and limited accessories really help things. She’s a fashion star in the making.

Lakeith Stanfield: D
Did he go jogging with his mother and steal her hat? The matching pattern of the suit and shirt reads more daytime pajama than a suit — and the belted effect of the blazer makes things worse.