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SECRET SERVICE: How the world’s most-photographed couple pulled off last weekend’s top-secret wedding is a story in itself, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt excel in savvy, whether that be directed at the media or their personal style.

Given that, the quintessential who-did-they-wear question has set reporters, bloggers and pretty much anyone else with Internet access into overdrive. What is known is that Jolie and Pitt were surrounded by their six children at Saturday’s wedding at Chateau Miravel, the vineyard estate they own in the south of France. Another fact is that jeweler Robert Procop, who has collaborated with the couple on a number of projects over the years, designed their wedding bands. A spokeswoman in his Los Angeles office confirmed that Thursday, but she was mumabout any further details.

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The choice of jeweler wasn’t a surprise, given that Procop, together with Pitt, designed Jolie’s engagement ring in 2012. For that occasion, Procop fashioned a diamond he’d sourced into a faceted, elongated tablet shape, following Pitt’s designs. The diamond was set in the ring amid smaller, faceted stones that graduated in size. And in 2010, Procop teamed up with Jolie for a jewelry collection that showcased statement gemstones including a 353-carat beryl pendant and a graphic, tablet shaped vivid green emerald ring set in rose gold. All the proceeds from that collection went toward Jolie’s charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. Procop, a former chief executive of Asprey, had also worked with Jolie and Pitt on the capsule jewelry collection they created for Asprey in 2009, another effort to benefit Jolie’s charity.

Procop certainly knows the ins and outs of protocol, having been commissioned by every U.S. president since Ronald Reagan. He also has a 30-year track record of supporting numerous charities especially those devoted to underprivileged children.

As for what designers they wore for the ceremony, that remains a secret. While the Hollywood power couple wore coordinating Saint Laurent tuxes to the EE British Academy Film Awards earlier this year, they each have favored a number of other European designers over the years as well including Versace, Prada, Ferragamo, Gucci and Elie Saab. In recent months, the parents of six have been spotted wearing customized pieces designed by their children. During this summer’s “Maleficent” publicity tour, Jolie showed off a Mother’s Day gift — a ring made with a drawing by her son Knox. And Pitt has been photographed wearing a white T-shirt imprinted with a childlike sketch of a couple holding hands that was said to have been drawn by their daughter Vivienne. That creation, which featured a lithesome woman with long dark hair in a long white dress, triggered further speculation that a wedding was near. One thing that both Jolie and Pitt have made no secret about is that their children were eager to see them get married.

Now that their union is official, the pair packed up their brood to get back to work on the tiny Maltese island of Gozo. They are holed away in a private residence near the set of “By The Sea,” according to a Maltese hotel executive. Their new project is the first film they have worked together on since meeting and filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2005. And Gozo, fittingly enough, means “joy” in Castilian. 

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